Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Attention all women everywhere! If you haven't heard of threading, get on the bandwagon. I've been getting it done for 5 years, and I love it. It's so much better for shaping than waxing and much faster than plucking! Of course, it hurts the most, but I've gotten used to by now. One woman once evern threaded my bikini line, yikes!

According to HairFacts:

Called khite in Arabic and fatlah in Egyptian, it's a less common method in the West for removing hair at the root, used primarily on facial hair. Rows of stray hairs are yanked out with twists of cotton thread.


The practitioner holds one end of the cotton thread in his or her teeth and the other in the left hand. The middle is looped through the index and middle fingers of the right hand. The practitioner then uses the loop to trap a series of unwanted hairs and pull them from the skin. There are also devices made that can hold the thread during the procedure.


Inexpensive, fast, neat. Good for eyebrows and facial hair. Like plucking, results can last up to two to four weeks.


Hard to find a professional practitioner outside large cities. Can be painful and cause itching afterwards. Side effects can include folliculitis, a bacterial infection in the hair follicles, skin reddening or puffiness, and changes in skin pigment.

I would look in smaller salons, and Indian and Paki stores. The latter two are considerably cheaper. Be cool and do it!

Friday, December 02, 2005


I love short hair. I find long hair very boring. So I chopped off all my hair recently, much to my guy friends' dismay. My boyfriend, luckily, loves short hair too. And slowly, my male friends have decided that it look good as well.
I don't usually wear it in the fauxhawk, but I love it all short. I feel so edgey, different, hip.
It actually takes more time to style my hair now, I was a wash and go kinda girl before. But I think it's worth it, short hair suits my personality.
Plus, it keeps away sketchy guys cruising for babes, man I hate sketchy guys. If any girl has a profile on myspace, you know what I mean. All they do is search for females within 50 miles of them, and start messaging them. I mean, my profile states that I have a boyfriend, that I'm not interested. I basically try to come off as a complete bitch. But they don't even read it! That makes me so angry. Why would you try to hit on someone that has nothing in common with you? This isn't a bar, where you have to find out what the person is like. You've got the info there, you just ignore it! Boy do I hate sketchy guys.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Is this dress appropriate for an office Xmas party? Got it at Bluefly.

Bridesmaid Dresses

I think I made my friend marriage obsessed. I seem to spend all day planning and talking about my future wedding.
But I know I'm not ready to get married yet, what is up with that? I think I just want a big party where I'm the star!... with my partner of course.
So, here are some of the bridesmaids dresses I've been looking at on The Knot:

There are so many different styles by this designer - pencil, strapless, drop waist. I think I'm gonna have all my girls wear different dresses in the same color. How fun would that be? I think A LOT!
I don't know why I have much fun planning my wedding, maybe I should have done it professionally. Hmmm, anyone know how to break into the wedding planning business?

Project Runway Finale - Amy

I was really impressed with the intricate detailing of AMy's collection, which was all about pleats and folds. She also had some amazing prins done, I totally covet her collection! I would say there's a good chance she's a finalist, just because she did such an amazing job. And how amusing is the first dress? A little avant garde, but I could see Lady Gaga rock it ;)

Project Runway Finale - Emilio

While his win on the first episode showed a lot of promise, I wasn't very into Emilio's collection, entitled "Color Me Bad." The brightness seemed almost garish. Alas, this is when the cameraman in my aisle started to really move around, so the quality of my pictures really deteriorates... blast him!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Project Runway Finale - Jesse

Jesse was inspired by film noir, crime novels and WWII. His concept was "a woman on the run." All of these things sounded super cool and I was really excited for his collection, and pretty disappointed. It felt like the military influence was his one and only, and it was so obvious it felt a bit costumey. I did like some of the accessories - there was a bag strapped to a thigh I thought was cool, though in my picture the model's hand is blocking most of it >.<

Project Runway Finale - Jonathon

Jonathon's collection was all about flying, taking inspiration from both birds and insects. Some of the pieces really excited me, but some looked a bit on the, dare I say, cheap side?

Project Runway Finale - Janeane

Janeane's collection was inspired by things that aren't alive, but still know how to grow, such as crystals. I felt like it was pretty wearable, but didn't stand out very much, with the exception of a cocktail frock with embellished shoulders. I liked the blue though!

Project Runway Finale - Jay

Jay is without doubt my new favorite!!! I was really blown away with his edgy, slightly futuristic collection. I loved the detailing, and the tough chick look! If he's not a finalist, I will be sad, because his work was really amazing.

Project Runway Finale - Jay

Jay is without doubt my new favorite!!! I was really blown away with his edgy, slightly futuristic collection. I loved the detailing, and the tough chick look! If he's not a finalist, I will be sad, because his work was really amazing.

Project Runway Finale - Ben

Ben was inspired by Ray Bradbury's "The Martian Chronicles." I was a little unsure about the wacky colors and looks at first, but I really think I love it! Interesting, but maybe too conceptual to be a winner? I do really like the bright blue tights and cut out knees!

Project Runway Finale - Anthony

Anthony's collection was all about keeping a positive outlook, even during these rough economic times. There were a lot of cute bright colors and ruffles, but it didn't feel terribly sophisticated to me. I would guess he's not a finalist, what do YOU think??

Project Runway: Suede

Suede started off so strong, but since then Suede really hasn't impressed Vyqué. Vyqué feels like Suede is trying too hard in this collection and wonders if it was designed for a princess-obsessed five-year-old.
Throwing in a random boring piece does not make your collection less over the top hideous!

I would say this is the best piece in his collection - funny how it reminds me of his challenge winning dress...

This is ok, but the weaving on the bust makes her look super top heavy!
This just looks poorly made.
The woven top is interesting, but the skirt is way too Tinkerbell!

Project Runway: Korto

Korto has always been super talented, but she never smiles, even when she's getting tons of compliments from the judges! Come'n girl, you're showing the world what you can do, flash us your pearly whites. Her collection reminds me a bit of Uli's - maybe it's the colors which feel kinda Miami to me. Feel free to let me know I've gone crazy!
Very pretty, but I need more wow factor.
Almost too much volume but this jacket is pulled off, mad props!
Ooo, very pretty, love that pleated front.
This color is fabulous, but I'm a little confused by the sleeves - they look deflated.

This is beautiful, but I wish the model wasn't holding the front! Also, I kinda wish it was in that bold green!
Is that a cowl neck?
Love the top on this dress!

Not sure if I like the asymmetrical straps.

Project Runway: Kenley

Kenley is talented at what she does, but I always considered her a bit "one note." Luckily, with this collection she manages to find a balance between classic Kenley and breaking out of the box a bit
I would really like this if the skirt wasn't lined with stripes on the inside. I feel like the Asian print should be the focus too much going on!
Here's more of her Viktor & Rolf / Balenciaga shoulders.
Cute, but too basic?
Very similar to one of her previous designs... show us something new!

Well I didn't expect this from Kenley, which is appreciated.
I totally adore this dress, something I would buy in a heartbeat!

Project Runway: Joe

Here's Joe's collection, which has a very Western cowgirl feel to it. It got a lot of criticism, but, while I'm not really into the country style, I thought it was decent and very wearable. It was mostly cohesive with the exception of the star dress and the leather top with garnet red skirt.

This top has nice detailing.
I can't tell, are these pants sheer?

I actually really like this outfit, a mix of Chanel prim blazer and rock leather pants = perfection!

Yee haw!
I really like this dress too, but I can never resist stars!

Kinda goth compared to the rest of the collection.

Project Runway: Leanne

My favorite has always been Leanne, and this collection demonstrates her mad pleating skills. But I think I was hoping for something a little more?
I would totally wear this outfit!

This is a fun skirt, but not really wearable in real life, don't you think?
I kinda wish this jacket had a regular cut from the bust down!

This is really pretty and I want it!

Very Leanne, but again bit much for real life.
Kinda boring for the last piece shown.