Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Project Runway: Kenley

Kenley is talented at what she does, but I always considered her a bit "one note." Luckily, with this collection she manages to find a balance between classic Kenley and breaking out of the box a bit
I would really like this if the skirt wasn't lined with stripes on the inside. I feel like the Asian print should be the focus too much going on!
Here's more of her Viktor & Rolf / Balenciaga shoulders.
Cute, but too basic?
Very similar to one of her previous designs... show us something new!

Well I didn't expect this from Kenley, which is appreciated.
I totally adore this dress, something I would buy in a heartbeat!


Unknown said...

I love the fun design and vibrancy of jewel tones in Kenley's collection. I think she didn't necessarily push the envelope for herself but she did manage to highlight her best work and there are some very solid design choices going on! She has a strong point of view and I think she is very talented. Go Kenley!