Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Project Runway: Korto

Korto has always been super talented, but she never smiles, even when she's getting tons of compliments from the judges! Come'n girl, you're showing the world what you can do, flash us your pearly whites. Her collection reminds me a bit of Uli's - maybe it's the colors which feel kinda Miami to me. Feel free to let me know I've gone crazy!
Very pretty, but I need more wow factor.
Almost too much volume but this jacket is pulled off, mad props!
Ooo, very pretty, love that pleated front.
This color is fabulous, but I'm a little confused by the sleeves - they look deflated.

This is beautiful, but I wish the model wasn't holding the front! Also, I kinda wish it was in that bold green!
Is that a cowl neck?
Love the top on this dress!

Not sure if I like the asymmetrical straps.


Unknown said...

Yay for Korto! She has always impressed me with her quality work and makes really smart choices. I love the simplicity and sophistication in her collection which makes the detailing in her work really stand out! Good luck Korto she definitely has what it takes to succeed.