Friday, December 02, 2005


I love short hair. I find long hair very boring. So I chopped off all my hair recently, much to my guy friends' dismay. My boyfriend, luckily, loves short hair too. And slowly, my male friends have decided that it look good as well.
I don't usually wear it in the fauxhawk, but I love it all short. I feel so edgey, different, hip.
It actually takes more time to style my hair now, I was a wash and go kinda girl before. But I think it's worth it, short hair suits my personality.
Plus, it keeps away sketchy guys cruising for babes, man I hate sketchy guys. If any girl has a profile on myspace, you know what I mean. All they do is search for females within 50 miles of them, and start messaging them. I mean, my profile states that I have a boyfriend, that I'm not interested. I basically try to come off as a complete bitch. But they don't even read it! That makes me so angry. Why would you try to hit on someone that has nothing in common with you? This isn't a bar, where you have to find out what the person is like. You've got the info there, you just ignore it! Boy do I hate sketchy guys.


Anonymous said...

you look like a suicide girl! very cool