Friday, June 30, 2006

Prada Loafers

Dear God, I must resist buying these Prada loafers for only $135 at Bluefly. They have only my size, and they're so classy and I must stop talking about them before it's too late!

I Wish I Wore Prada

In honor of The Devil Wears Prada, I'm only posting Prada sale items today, though they still aren't very affordable in my world.
So check out this adorable skirt! I love the color and how unique it is, though Bluefly only has it in a size 10 and it costs $569 (though that is 48% off).

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Dark Side Of Flamenco

Just one comment: How in the WORLD did this women manage to date Brad Pitt?!?!

Skinny Jeans

I admit that I've thought about buying a pair of leggings. So in order to get my needed dose of trendy while avoiding looking like a wanna be, I've just bought this cute pair of skinny jeans from Pink Mascara. They were on sale from $242 down to $97, how and I supposed to resist that???

Short Feminine Blazer

Look how cute this jacket is, I love the feminine details like the puff sleeves and the attached belt. And the faux wood buttons are to die for. Plus it's on sale (boy do I love sales) down from $44 to $30. Even the original price is super cheap! This is a good site to pick up non-expensive clothes though I haven't shopped here before so I don't know about the quality. If anyone does, please let me know! You can get it at

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Love, Need, Must Have This Shirt

Maybe she's a crazy bitch, but at least she has a sense of humor about it.
Anyone know where I can get this shirt?

Three Looks Bathing Suit

Ohh, look, three different looks, one purchase! Except I only see two looks here, am I mistaken? I guess there is a subtle difference between the first and third picture. Either way, this is a fab one piece by Susan Campos called Fabucci and you can get it at Girlshop for $207.

RIP Moose

In honor of the death of Moose, the adorable dog from Frasier and whatnot, I'm going to be showing one celebrity animal accessory a day until... I run out. And then I will name the best. See the tie-in? Animals in Hollywood?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Good Ol' Days

Boy do I miss how Nicole Richie used to look like, after her chunky days and before her stick figure days. Look how healthy and glowing she is! And that dress! She has the perfect curves to pull off the cut and the color looks absolutely lovely on her. Now she looks like an Ethipoian child, it's very sad. So let's all take a moment to pause and reflect on how sometimes you CAN be too skinny.

Not TOO Cheap

American Apparel has pretty cheap clothes but not to the point that it looks like a 10-year-old produces about 50 pieces an hour (La Redoute, I'm looking at you). Also, unless your hips are about 10 times larger than your mid-thigh, it's pretty hard to go wrong in a pencil skirt. Plus they have it in tons of colors, so if you like it you can go back and get 11 more (it's only $30)! I'll probably buy something from this store soon and I'll let you know if it's any good or if the place isn't worth your time. That's how much I love you guys.

Linda's Gonna Be Mad

Uh oh Shalom! Linda Evangelista loaned you her gold lame balloon dress and you went ahead put a hole in it! Now it's a shapeless, gold blob... well, I guess it's not that big of a difference.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Look how cute these sailor (not pirate but close enough) pants are! I absolutely adore sailor pants but it's hard to find a pair that isn't over embellished, usually with waaay too many buttons. Just a simple pair of pants, which will certainly enhance your booty (ha, I'm funny). You can get these at Urban Outfitters for only $58.

Uncommon Goods

I absolutely, completely adore this website, it had some of the most unusual things to buy on the net. This is the first place I come to when searching for a present (I try to give people unique, fun and interesting gifts and this place is chock full of 'em!). Here is a taste of some of the fun things you can get here:

Wet Bikini Bag

Alpha Tee

Perfection In Imperfection Necklace

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cocktail Ring

Look at this cute cocktail ring, and it's only $7!!!! How fantastic is that? You can get it at Fred Flare, a new store I'm totally addicted to.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fake Locket

For some reason I like shirts with fake necklaces and the like on them. Here's one by Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B, which you can get at Bluefly. Plus it's on sale, down from $55 to $39. Plus it says L.A.M.B. on it in a not completely overwhelming way, so you can show off your trendy duds without looking like a complete lable whore.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


So I'm trying to look like Penelope Cruz in Don't Tempt Me, which is a faaaaantastic movie. So I'm looking for a pinstripe suite but it's not very easy to find one in the cheapo price range. What does everything think of this one? It's at Victoria's Secret for only $129.

Yet Another New Obsession

After watching So You Think You Can Dance last night, I became obsessed with finding lace up ballet flats. So here are the fruits of my search...
Unfortunately these shoes are $214 on and there's no way I want to spend that much money so the search continues...
Then I found these by the same brand (Hollywould if you're interested) on Zappos. Alas, for $198, still too expensive.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whoa Nelly

I am truly at a loss for words. I used to think Nelly Furtado was the hottest woman in the world. Now her face is gaunt which makes her look about 40 and her clothes just scream "Bought at Fergie's yard sale." At least she's prepared with tourniquets in case someone cuts off her calves.

On a side note: So You Think You Can Dance is super fun to watch until Nelly walks out wearing this.


This is Yuri Ebihara, Japanese supermodel. According to Japan (or at least a very large portion of its population) she is the living embodiment of "cute." At first, I was pretty skeptical over this statement, but aftering Googling her image, I have to admit, she is pretty darn adorable. In fact, I want to race out and buy one to keep in my purse at all times!

Christian Louboutin Shoes

While I do have a love for high fashion and expensive clothing, I tend to stay within the range of $50-$150 for a piece of clothing ($200 tops). Here are some shoes that are very cute but way out of my price range. Honestly, while I do love shoes, I think spending $300-$400 for them is a little crazy. I could buy 2 new outfits with that money! But in case you've got money than you know what to do with....
These are beautifully intricate shoes, very cute and on sale from $820 (!) to $492. Plus they have the original red sole of Christian Louboutin (no copy cats here), which all the celebrities go ga-ga for. Get them at Bluefly.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Politically Correct Store

As opposed to the previous post, Little Odd Forest Boutique is very politically correct to shop from. Their stuff is very cute in a little kid retro kind of way, I especially like their purses.

Cheap, Cute Clothes Here

Even though Forever 21 won't let me steal their images (damn you javascript!) I have to admit thier website is ful a cute clothes for cheap! They may not be the best quality but a person could easily $100 on five items, which is kinda exciting. Plus it's a good place to buy uber trendy items that you probably throw out next season.

UPDATE: Maybe you shouldn't buy clothes there as I just was informed about this:

Boycott Forever 21
Los Angeles garment workers who sewed for this popular retailer of young women's clothing are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. Contact the Garment Worker Center, 888-449-6115,,

Classy Heels

These satin heels are unique and extremely versatile at the same time. Plus they're more than 50% off, down from $248 to $75! Sale items are so hard to resist! You can get them at Anthropologie which surprised me, I admit, since their shoes are usually a lot more on the wacky, out there side.

Monday, June 19, 2006

J. Crew's "Private" Sale

J. Crew is having a private sale going on right now so to reward my faithful readers, here is the promotion code:
Of course it's only effective for all order over $175, but you get an additional 20% off which ain't too shabby. Go forth and shop, my pretties!

Asian Inspired Top

I love this top, which is on sale from $240 down to $72 on Fashion Pulse. The shape is awesome, very asian-inspired with the wide sleeves. But what I really love is the back, how hot is that??? What a sexy top, I need to have this, it's on top of my priorities now, even more than those purple pants I vaguely recall I couldn't live without.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Train Wreck

I was thinking about avoiding an easy target such as Brittany, but I just can't help myself. Especially as she brought it upon herself, as she wanted to do her own hair and makeup and ended up looking like a clown wearing a rat's nest. This poor girl needs a serious makeover ASAP, there are tons of flattering maternity dresses out there, she could have worn a cute jersey wrap dress in a fun color and looked about 100 times better. Back when her image was completly fake and every detail was managed by a team of publicists she was much better off, how can she not realize this. Brittany, not even Madonna loves you anymore, get a haircut, get your ass to the gym and start using condoms.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Still Browsing Yoox

Look how cute these pants are! I love unusually colored bottoms, pants or skirts. I'm sick of people wearing black pants or denim. Let's change it up people! These are definately mine if they don't sell out by next month!

New Designer Alert

I can't exactly explain why I like this shirt or this designer, Chocolat, except that I'm reminded of Custo Barcelona, which is fun, funky and unique. So I guess this shirt is fun, funky and unique. But it's really not, I get more of a serene feeling when I look at it. Kinda like a yoga retreat. But it's simple yet detailed at teh same time, which I like. Plus, it's only $48 at Yoox.

Anthropologie Sale!

I love Anthropologie, it's one of my favorite stores ever! Here are some of the cute highlights from its sale.
How cute is this shirt? Who doesn't remember this owl from their childhood? What a smarty pants. Didn't he teach us that it took three licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
I love cozy sweater coats and this one is a steal for $60. Plus, it'll still be cute and wearable way into fall.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cutest Summer Cover Up Ever!

I absolutely adore cardigans, they are the ultimate layering accessory. It could be 90 degrees outside, but I'll bring a cardigan just in case I go somewhere with the AC blasting. And If i don't need it, I can just toss it into my purse! This cardigan features the off-center buttons which I love and a light cream color that can match near anything. Or if you're more daring than me, they also have it in a mossy green color which is uber cute but I'm afraid won't match enough of my clothes. Not that I can afford this right now, but maybe if it's still in stock next month I'll get it. You can find it at Anthropologie which is notorious for selling out fast.

Me Love You Long Time

Paris, get back in your car, you forgot to put on your clothes! Or are you the new spokesmodel for Fredrick's of Hollywood? What, you say that's your dress?!? Oh Paris, you're such a joker!

Kate Spade Sample Sale!

Today is the last day of the Kate Spade Sample Sale, items are up to 70%!! What are you waiting for??

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fantasy Item

I usually try to post things that are at least possibly in my budget so I can dream. This I don't even want to dream about but it's so inticate and detailed, I can almost see scenes of a Prague marketplace in there, it's amazing. If I made 10k a year more, this bag would be mine! But if you are better off than me, you can get it for $395 at Nordstorm.

I Love Jersey

I Love Jersey! No, not the state. Jersey fabric has got to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. It's soft, stretchy and swingy, and clings in all the right places. This dress is in a jewel-tone blue with a great dove detail near the hem. Pair it with pumps, sandals, wedges, it's a go anywhere, do anything dress! Get it at Bluefly for $162.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Double Your Money, Double Your Fun

Look at this cute skirt from The Gap! Not only is it only just $39, but it's REVERSABLE! I love reversable clothes, it's like getting two things for the price of one! I think all clothes should be like that in order to save closet space (as you can guess, mine is overflowing). The only problem is Gap doesn't show you what the reverable colors look like, stupid Gap.
UPDATE: This item sold out quick, sorry ladies :(


Isn't this an adorable shirt? I love the fun color and the flowery embroidered bib piece, it's just a very unique top. You can find it at Bluefly for only $35!

Monday, June 12, 2006


Look how pretty this dress is! I love the unique leather trim, it would really make you stand out in a sea of flower printed sundresses. I love the subtle Grecian style of it, which makes it look cute with both strappy heels or the ubertrendy flat sandals. You can get it at Big Drop NYC.

It's That Time Again

Quick, ladies, hide your credit cards! It's the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale time! I swear they have their Semi-Annual sale at least five times a year.

Disco Maternity Wear?

What is wrong with Linda Evangelista? It's like she wants to hide any semblence of a shape under a "dress" which looks to be the lovechild of Grandma's drapes and Michelle Kwan's old figure skating outfits. Seriously, who let her out like that?

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Well, since it's raining today in Fashionland, here are some cute umbrellas that are functional and adorable! I gave up trying to format this post the way I wanted and so here it is as just "readable"

First we have an umbrella from It's very compact, it can fit into your trendy, oversized bag for emergencies plus it easily matches just about anything. For $16, it's definitely worth the few extra bucks to stand out on a rainy day.

Next we have one of my favorite accessory mavens, Lulu Guinness. Like her handbags, her umbrellas are spunky, colorful and very, very girly. Unlike her handbags, her umbrellas are completely affordable, ranging from $20 - $40 each! Unfortunately, it's not easy to come by her accessories, it seems like the best way to get your hands on one of her umbrellas is to search on eBay. Happy hunting!

Finally we want to show at least ONE umbrella in the splurge range. Coach has managed to create one umbrella that isn't covered with ostentatious C's. Let's face it, a true fashionista doesn't have to cover here clothes with label monograms, fashion should speak for itself.
That aside, this Coach umbrella is tiny and very cute, with bright, vivid colors to brighten up a rainy day and costs $88.

So now instead of running through the rain with a trashbag/poncho, you can actually look forward to those April Showers.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Project Runway Dress

Hopefully most of you watched Project Runway. Well, here is a design by Kara Janx, the 4th runner up. I love asian-inspired pieces and I love wrap dresses and I love cap sleeves. So here is my perfect dress, someone please buy it for me (I'm fine with either brown/turquoise OR green/mint). You can find it on GirlShop.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Technorati Profile

Shoes I Did Buy

These are the shoes I actually did buy which is why I can't buy the other peep toes, but these are so totally worth it, they are so HOT. They're by Steve Madden.

Skirt With Pockets? SOLD!

Dude, I already own this skirt, now it's on sale ($59) and it's amazing. It's soft jersey, and it had POCKETS. I would wear this skirt every day if I could, everyone go buy it now. It's at , which is probably one of my favorite stores ever.
UPDATE: I actually bought another of this skirt because I love it so much and it was half off!

Chic Professional

This dress if perfect for a woman who wants to look professional and incrediably chic at the same time. Plus, that whole navy/sailor trend is big right now. Oh, did I mention it's down from $400 to $169? What a bargain!! And I found this gem on, can you believe it?

Beautiful Summer Dress

Isn't this just a beautiful dress for the summer? Perfect for weddings or barbeques or a date! It's like a grownup babydoll in such a creamy color that looks good on everyone. Plus it's not that expensive, only $148! Check it out at Adrienne Vittadini. There are some pretty cute clothes on that site though they are a touch expensive for me, at least right now. Stupid credit card debt always get in the way of my compulsive shopping.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Mariah Carey Looks Like a Prostitute

I don't want this blog to just be stuff to buy, I also want to bash on celebs! Here's Mariah Carey in her "walking the dogs clothes... oh, photographers, but I'm such a mess!' Mariah, stop buying your clothes at Delia's and learn how to age gracefully!

Adorable Shoes on a Budget!

I adore these shoes by Oh Deer! The classic lines, the retro peep toe, the red sole that all the celebs wore this year. And for only $100! I mean, usually shoes are a minimum of $200 so this is a real deal! Unfortunately I just bought simular shoes from Steve Madden so I just can't rationalize this purchase. Especially when I'm supposed to be saving up for a Fennec Fox! So since I can't have these shoes I might as well spread the good news and let everyone else snatch them up. You can find them on