Monday, June 12, 2006

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Well, since it's raining today in Fashionland, here are some cute umbrellas that are functional and adorable! I gave up trying to format this post the way I wanted and so here it is as just "readable"

First we have an umbrella from It's very compact, it can fit into your trendy, oversized bag for emergencies plus it easily matches just about anything. For $16, it's definitely worth the few extra bucks to stand out on a rainy day.

Next we have one of my favorite accessory mavens, Lulu Guinness. Like her handbags, her umbrellas are spunky, colorful and very, very girly. Unlike her handbags, her umbrellas are completely affordable, ranging from $20 - $40 each! Unfortunately, it's not easy to come by her accessories, it seems like the best way to get your hands on one of her umbrellas is to search on eBay. Happy hunting!

Finally we want to show at least ONE umbrella in the splurge range. Coach has managed to create one umbrella that isn't covered with ostentatious C's. Let's face it, a true fashionista doesn't have to cover here clothes with label monograms, fashion should speak for itself.
That aside, this Coach umbrella is tiny and very cute, with bright, vivid colors to brighten up a rainy day and costs $88.

So now instead of running through the rain with a trashbag/poncho, you can actually look forward to those April Showers.