Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fashionweek Fall 2007 Sum Up

"It's been a really great season for salable clothes," explains Constance White, Style Director for eBay.com in the Fashiontribes videoblog interview (above). "We've returned to a lot of Americana - a lot of jackets, a lot of skirts and pants, but with a new twist: it's very glamorous and very polished. The most important shows most certainly would include Marc Jacobs, and Phillip Lim, who I loved. He is a newer talent, and we really have to have newer talent if we're going to survive and continue to be important."

  • COLOR "Yes, we saw a lot of black; yes, we saw tons of gray, and we saw a lot of navy, but hey, it's fall, what's the big deal in that? Color was the number one big trend for fall."

  • OPTIONS "The other big news is that as opposed to just dresses, there are now a lot more options for women."

  • LACE UP BOOTIES "Fall's must-have shoe."

  • MINIMAL JEWELRY There's been a strong de-emphasis on jewelry, and a lot of head emphasis whether it was those huge-brimmed hats at Marc Jacobs or great little handkerchiefs at Michael Kors. We just didn't see a lot of necklaces and earrings."

- Lesley Scott