Saturday, March 31, 2007

A-Line Corduroy Skirt

A-Line Corduroy SkirtThe best thing about this skirt is the floral ruffle peeking out from the bottom, how cute! Also, it's only $64 at the Skirt Spot.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Scarlett Johansson Louis Vuitton Ads

Seems like everyone wants to do a designer campaign these days!

Lower Cleavage Top

Lower Cleavage TopTalk about sexy appeal from a different angle. This top toes the line between sexy and skanky, but that's why I love it. Plus, any girl can get attention with a low cut top. This, on the other hand, is completely unique. But one big drawback to this top is you couldn't wear a bra with it so I wouldn't recommend C cup and up women to wear it. Buy it at Joia Style Studio for $145.

Summer Cardigan

Summer CardiganJust because it's getting warmer out doesn't mean you can't rock the layered look! Get yourself a super light cardigan like this one to throw on over your tank and you're suddenly business casual! Buy at Blonde LA for $225 (it's 20% cashmere, though that doesn't justify the price!).

Wide Legged Pinstripe Pants

Wide Legged Pinstripe PantsHere are some comfy looking wide legged pants to rock at work. I especially like the wide waistband, they tend to hold you in more and therefore your tummy looks flatter, hooray! Buy at Nordstrom for $218.

Military Jacket

Military JacketOoo, I love the way the buttons curve! And banded collars are always fun and exciting. Buy this jacket that's perfect for Spring weather at Victoria's Secret for just $40! Sometimes I forget about VS, but they have lots of cute, stylish clothes of decent quality for great prices.

Switch Rings

The Style Hive is abuzz over these nifty rings. You buy packages that include four different colored outside bands and four different inside wedges with patterns. Then you can mix and match! This is the favorites Switch Ring package for $20 Canadian, but if you want to stick to a theme like flowers or bugs or bling, they have packages for those and more. I personally like danger the best!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Saks Free Shipping Code

Free shipping on all purchases from of $150 or more expires this Sunday March 25. You will have until 11:59 pm Sunday. To take advantage of this promotion, simply use the code: WANTIT at checkout.
Not really a sale but free shipping = costs less which is close enough!

The Moe CLICK bag

Lots of celebrities have been stepping out with this purse, perfect for a night out on the town! C.L.I.C.K. stands for all your essentials for a night out: Cell phone, Lip gloss, Identification, Cash and Keys. Meant to be large enough to carry the essentials without being cumbersome, just slip it on your wrist so you don't lose it! Buy one at Couture Candy at prices from $132 to $187.

Christina Ricci's Louis Vuitton Ads

Since I LOVE designer campaigns with celebs! Though Ricci looks a little too skinny, didn't she use to be the poster celeb for healthy curves in the 90s?

Owl Dress

Owl DressAwwww, owls ina tree! How cute is this dress by Custo Barcelona?? I love how unique and stylish it is and so do a lot of other people: There's only dresses left in size 0 and size 10.

70s Style Print Blouse

70s Style Print BlouseI'm usually not a big fan of the 70s look, but I really like this blouse. Buy it for $50 at

Lightweight Athletic Shoe

Lightweight Athletic ShoeAnti-bacterial adidas shoes that are light and flexible, perfect for jamming in your gym bag and wearing for a low impact workout. While I wouldn't trust the support for running or a kickbox class, I can definitely see wearing these to a spin class, weight/core training or on the elliptical machine. You can buy them at Nordstrom (though strangely not on the adidas website) for $95.

1950s Asian Fan Skirt

1950s Asian Fan SkirtI love vintage clothes, but it can be hard to find a piece that is in good condition and looks vintage but not costumey. This full skirt is a great example of all of those things, something you could easily see being designed today but obviously wasn't. If you have a 25 inch waist (I hate you) than I would scoop this piece up quick for $170 at Kakkoii Mono.

Top Model Casting Call

Yeah, there's a bunch this weekend all over the US. Check it out in the CW website.

  • 18-27 years old
  • Must be at least 5'7
  • A filled out application from the site
  • Three photos of yourself
  • A controversial personality
  • The ability to hear the word "fierce" a whoole lot

Also, they're saying there's a casting at H20 nightclub in DC on Sat from 7-9pm, but it's not on the list.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Twisted Heart Bracelet

Sooo pretty and delicate looking! It's got an organic feel to it, kinda reminds me of stag horns. Buy it at ShopBop for $92.

Miss Marc Tote

Miss Marc ToteI have to agree with Zappos, this is definitely a must have bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I'm totally obsessed, how awesome is that zipper?? This purse is a heft S273 but there's a cheaper version for $178 that's not too bad... I still prefer the more expensive one of course (isn't that always the way?).


I absolutely love the fashion label Locher's. It's all deceptively sweet and pretty and then you look up close and see all the naughty phrases embroidered on them. I may have to buy one of every piece, prices range from $60 to $80 which is very affordable!

So sweet and innocent...

Oh my!

DVF Copycat Dress

The Budget Fashionista recently discovered this little gem. It just so happens to be an EXACT copy of a popular Diane von Furstenberg dress. Of course DVF is suing so I recommend picking up this frock before the bargain is gone forever. Buy at Forever 21 (I know, I boycotted them but this is too good an opportunity to not post) for $33.

Adult Blemish Busting

One of the lies that we're told during puberty is that complexion problems will all be over when you you're older. But many people I know in their mid-twenties are still afflicted with the occasional to frequent blemishes. I don't recommend digging out your old tube of Clearasil. Time to move onto the adult treatments!

The Roll-On Blemish Attack by Ole Henriksen is supposed to be in every model's over-sized purse and is only $22. It has not one, but three ingredients that help clear up your skin!

Origins Spot Remover has been a staple of professionals forever. It's super gentle, your face won't peel off, and it actually helps prevents the dark spot that stays on your face after the blemish is gone!

There's a reason that Proactiv is so popular... it usually works. Of course, it didn't work for me, but most people tell me I'm the exception to the rule. You can get the cleanser, toner and treatment for $40, or a 30 day trial for just $20. I recommend the trial just in case you are also an exception.
If you're more of a drugstore kinda gal, I would place your bets on Neutrogena, which was recommended to me by a dermatologist when I was a teen. But since then I've taken the prescription Accutane and have never looked back!

Beer Steins Shirt

Even better than the Swallow Tee is the Beer Steins Shirt! Buy it at Cut+Paste for $30 and always be ready for a toast!

Graphic Shirt Dress

Graphic Shirt DressWhat a pretty silk shirt dress! You can never have enough shirt and wrap dresses in my opinion, and this one is on huge sale–just $109 at Girlshop! It's only available in the blue, but blue is hot right now anyway, so no problem there! Though I do wish that Girlshop gave you an alternate view of another color, not the tiny little circle where I can't see the whole effect. Anyone else beginning to find that annoying? Also, it's only available in small, alas.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nail Polish Trend Update

Nail Tech Secret is letting everyone know that blue is a hip color for nail polish in Spring 2007. I would like to add in that bright hot pink is also a great color to sport right now if you don't want to hop on the blue bandwagon. Yes, nail colors are matching trendy clothing colors.

Organic Knit Sweater

Organic Knit SweaterHere's a great sweater for relaxed evenings. You can wear this year round, as a cover up on a brisk summer night or layered in the winter. Plus, I always like eco-friendly clothing and I especially always like hoods! Buy this at Under The Canopy for $136.

Kung Fu-Inspired Slipper

Kung Fu-Inspired SlipperThese shoes are so subtly Asian-inspired that really only a true Asian enthusiast (like me) would even be able to tell. Join the secret club by buying these for $50 at 80%20. Check out the brown for a better look at 'em.

Razorblade Necklace

This necklace reminds me a little of my vampire teeth necklace in that it's a little dark and a whole lot unexpected. It's not like the teeth necklace in that it's actually affordable (though not cheap)! Buy this at Elsewares for $110. Don't worry, it's not sharp.

Payless taps Michael Kors' Bernard Figueroa

Score a new coup for cheap chic. Payless ShoeSource, whose past designer team-ups have included Abaeté and Lela Rose, announced today that it has hired Bernard Figueroa, most recently head of footwear design for Michael Kors, as Payless' director of design for women's footwear. "We are delighted to have someone of Bernard's talent and experience join the New York design team, a key group in our mission to democratize fashion and design in footwear by delivering brands that offer great style and design at a great price," said Matt Rubel, CEO of Payless ShoeSource. "At Michael Kors, he managed all footwear product development for the MK and Kors labels and before that he launched his own luxe brand that sold internationally for a decade. We are thrilled to have Bernard join us and to focus on product design and development for our expanding women's brands."

Figueroa worked with Michael Kors since 2000, serving as design director and later vice president of design. Prior to joining Michael Kors, he launched his own couture collection of footwear and accessories, called Figueroa, which sold globally from 1993 to 2003 including at Bergdorf Goodman, Nieman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue. He begins this month.

Via The Daily News

Knit-Covered Hangers

Knit-Covered HangerI read once in Lucky that knit-covered hangers prevent sweaters from stretching out in the shoulders. I love this idea, since I hate putting clothes in a dresser–I totally forget about the ones on the bottom. I have not tested this theory, but logically it makes sense, right? Buy one for $55 (I know, kinda pricey) at Twinkle Living.

Mu Skirt

Mu SkirtThis site is in French, but I refuse to let that stop my quest for amazing fashion! And this skirt is pretty awesome. I especially love the tulip-like shape with pleats and the pockets! Get it for the sale price of $52 (I converted the Euros to USD) at Brand Alley.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Blue Peacoat

Blue PeacoatOoo, an affordable wool coat in one of THE colors of the moment (hot pink, yellow, and deep blue). It's very chic and you can buy it for $95 at PlasticLand.

Celeb Style: Boone's Farm Vintage Tees

Boone's Farm Vintage TeesApparently the B and C List celebs are all scrambling to get their Boone's Farm vintage tees. Well, they go on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue for $49 on April 15, but if you can't wait that long to be like K-Fed or Kimberly Stewart than you can buy one at Jami Lyn in Beverly Hills.


Straw Purse

Straw PurseI personally don't like the whole straw/woven look for purses, but they're coming into style for Summer. So I searched and searched and I found one that doesn't look overly crafty AND is totally affordable. I like the tighter weave and the faux-leather trim–both make the purse look less beach-worthy and more officey. And it's only $20 at Old Navy!

Pintuck Blazer

Pintuck BlazerHere's a good buy if you want to expand your work wardrobe but not spend a ton of money. Sure, it's more of a Fall style but at $40, who cares? Get it at Bandolino, which seems to think that taking a penny off the price equals a sale. They're just lucky it's already super cheap.

Criss Cross Dress

Banana Republic is having a big sale and I tired on this great bargain over the weekend and loved it! At first I thought it looked a little odd with the crossing straps under your chest. But on someone it looks great and actually gives you a little extra support. Plus it's super soft jersey and only $80! And, being from BR, it's also in petite and tall sizes too, hooray!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Embroidered Crop Pants

Embroidered Crop PantsCheck out these pants by Lilly Pulitzer. They call the little green dots "alights," but to me they look like crabs. Though I have no idea what alights are, maybe that's what it means. Either way, totally cute and totally perfect for the whole preppy sailing look. Buy them at Nordstorm's for $138.

Friday, March 23, 2007

10% off all hair accessories at Queen Bee

Queen Bee Discount Code Go shopping at Queen Bee and simply type "sale322" in the discount code at check out to get 10% off.

Stars Tee

Stars TeeYay, a tee with pretty stars! Reminds me of My Little Pony. Perfect for a concert, buy it at Revolve Clothing $158. The back almost matches the front which makes it extra neat!

Lingerie + American Heart Association

Buy a bra and $1 is donated to Go Red For WomenOpps, this is almost over. But until March 31 you can buy a bra (choose from seven options) from Le Mystére and a dollar will be donated to the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women campaign. National Wear Red Day may be over but that doesn't mean heart disease goes away!

Leather Kitten Heels

Leather Kitten HeelsLooking for a new stylish shoe to wear to work, but can't spend a lot of money? These chic shoes fit the bill perfectly! Great flower detail across the vamp and a not-too-high kitten heel make it both fashionable and office-appropriate. Best part is, they only cost $99 at Yoox–affordable but you know they're actually worth a whole lot more.

Purse Hanger

Purse HangerLooks like Luxe Link has a little bit of competition! Here's the Purse Hanger, which also keeps your bag away from the dirty floor. It's a little cheaper, only $36 at Hang Accessories, and can hold one pound more, but if I had to choose I would pick the Luxe Link mirror version. I heart anything that can pull double duty.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Crepe Pleated Cami

Crepe Pleated CamiMade from 100% organic cotton, I really like the pleated detail in the front. It's also available in black at Pangaya for $59.

Defining Culture Through Dress: Individual and Collective Identities

There's an upcoming fashion conference coming up in April in NY - Defining Culture Through Dress: Individual and Collective Identities. I believe the first night they will have a performance called Fashion Statements, which will involve poetry and music that focus on fashion. I wish I could go :(

Whole Conference
April 19-21
Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY
Regular Rate: $100

Fashion Statements
April 18, 8 PM
Hempstead, NY
Regular Rate: $16

Lunch & Bridal Fashion Show
April 21, 1:45 PM
Hempstead, NY
Regular Rate: $20

No See 'ems (TM)

Most girls I know tend to have the annoying problem of blouses gaping open in the chest area. I first addressed this problem with the discovery of a label that sizes you by you cup size. Alas, replacing your entire blouse collection is not really a viable option for most people.
Enter No See 'ems. These little items are pretty neat–they're reusable (usually) and are safe for any type of fabric! Buy a pack of 12 for $13 at BugCatcherz.

Wanna Be Birkin Bag

Doesn't this purse on eBags look a whoooole lot like the infamous Birkin Bag? But instead of dropping a couple of grand, you can get it for just $86, plus it has free shipping!

Poppy Print Skirt

Poppy Print SkirtI love huge graphic poppies on pieces! And what better a way to celebrate the arrival of warm weather than with a beautiful Spring skirt? Pair this with black or brown to be safe, or red or green to be daring! Buy at Anthropologie for $118.

Calvin Klein Undie Sale!

Right now Calvin Klein is having a sale - 25% off their undies! So go forth and stock up! Also, I've decided that unmentionables fall under the "Loungewear" category because what is better than lounging about in your skivvies?