Monday, April 30, 2007

Stiffs for Pants

OMG, I had no idea there was a solution to this problem!! Whenever I wear slides or slingbacks and my pants are hemmed just so, I always end up with pants under my heels. These ingenius devices, Stiffs, are stiff, adhesive pieces of paper that help keep your hemlines down. Buy a package of 5 for $10.

Found via SheFinds

Potential Trend: White Nails

Lohan's White NailsHmm, well I read it in Jane magazine while back, but I never expected to see white nails. It seemed too obvious after black. But here's LiLo trading out her hot pink mani for a white one... think it will catch on?

Panda Shoes

Panda ShoesThere's only one pair left of these adorable panda shoes! If you're a size 8, snatch them up at Etsy for $35.

Cotton Convertible Wrap Skirt / Dress

Cotton Convertible Wrap Skirt / DressLook, another skirt / dress piece! Wear it as a high waisted skirt or rock it as a voluminous mini dress. Buy it for $235 from Project Runway's Kara Janx.

Flutter-sleeve Trapeze top

Flutter-sleeve Trapeze topI think this is a pretty good top for the totally affordable price $38 at Banana Republic. It's a perfect trendy (but not overly trendy) addition to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Plus it comes in four different colors, light blue, beige, brown and black.

Queen Bee Shorts Sale

Queen Bee Shorts SaleAll shorts at Queen Bee at 10% off! Simply type "shorts426" in the discount code at checkout to receive this special offer.

Clover Ring

I had previously posted about Heidi Klum's clover jewelry line on QVC, and last month it was updated with some new pieces. To be honest, I'm not really of a fan of anything except the simple rings she does, so here's the new one. You can get it inlaid with Tiger's Eye (shown) or white mother or pearl, both very pretty and chic. Buy it for the introductory price of $62 on QVC.

Polka Dot Ruffle Skirt

Polka Dot Ruffle SkirtRetro polka dots are kinda in right now and this skirt has got the best ruffled hemline ever! Super flirty when you walk, you can get in in regular and petite sizes at The Skirt Spot for $38 (50% off!!!)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Boat Neck Wrap Top

Boat Neck Wrap TopI like the pale green with the print trim, it looks almost Asian-inspired. Buy it for $85 at Paper-Doll.

The Lucite Shoe Trend

I had noticed the lucite trend beginning back in December when I posted on Tina Tarantino's jewelry. I then posted a clear purse. But I had yet to find any shoes with lucite heels for under $400 (unless you want 6 inch platforms and plan to change your name to Candy). But hurrah, today I have finally found some in the $75-$350 range.
Nine West Lucite Wedges
Here's a white & lucite wedge for $85 at Nine West to match the purse! It looks 70s space-agey, which can be either good or bad depending on your taste.
Steve Madden Lucite Pumps
Steve Madden has these lucite pumps for $90, which you can also get in white. They also have a patent closed-toe lucite heel on the site but it looks a little street walker to me.
Betsey Johnson Lucite Pumps
I really like these Betsey Johnson heels from for $200 and the black version is on sale for just $120!
Stuart Weitzman Lucite Wedges
Finally if you really want to spend some big bucks, you can get these silver wedges at Stuart Weitzman / Zappos for $298.
Stuart Weiztman Lucite Wedges 2
Here's another pair by Stuart Weitzman that you can get at Nordstrom for $298. I like lucite heels mixed with jewel-tone colors.

Ok, so these are Manolo Blahniks for $645, but they're so pretty I just wanted to show you! Ooooo, so pretty!

More Sales!

Bloomingdale'sBloomingdale’s 40% Off Sale! Enter Code APR40 at Checkout.

HSN HSN–New Customers Get 15% Off with Coupon Code C56574.

Pleated Tweed Skirt

Pleated Tweed SkirtThis tweed skirt has a really cute pleated arch on the bottom which almost gives it a tulip shape. Plus, it's just $45 at Fair Industry a store that uses Artisan Hut, a Bangladesh organization that supports handweavers, spinners and embroiderers facing unemployment due to the mechanization of the garment industry. The people who make Fair Industry's clothing and jewelry are paid a fair wage, receive advance payments for raw materials and work in safe, healthy environments. All products are sweatshop-free, and nothing is mass-produced. Yay feel good!

Poplin Shirt Dress

Poplin Shirt DressWhat a bright and fun shirt dress! Very cute empire waist and puff sleeves but I especially love the color and bows on the pockets. Buy it at Macy*s for the sale price of $45, where you can also get it in black (boring!!!).

Alice in Wonderland Bracelet

I love this Alice in Wonderland bracelet at Etsy! I always love it when kids' tales older, dark and almost creepy pasts are celebrated, and this piece definitely has a darker vibe than the Disney version. It's only $23 but it's currently sold out :(

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Special-edition adidas Sneaker

adidas shoesHere are some really cute adidas sneakers for 33% off. They're special-edition and I like the graphic prints, especially on the bone colored version. Buy them at Nordstrom for $67.

Pegasus Wallet

Pegasus ClutchThis is a beautiful wallet that looks big enough to be a clutch if needed. And really, I just like unicorns and the like. Buy this at Asos for $161.

Linen Cropped Pants

The rope belt adds a cute nautical flair to these cropped pants. These are a great buy for the summer and did I mention they were originally $264 but are now only $110 at Liquid 8? Definitely a must buy if you're a size 0 or 6.

I Love My Vagina Panties

I Love My Vagina PantiesBuy these and 20% of the sale will be donated to anti-violence and HIV/AIDS education in Kenya! Another reason to buy them... because who doesn't?? Just $12 at Smashing Darling.

Congress Mulling Bill To Protect Designers

Remember when I posted the copycat DVF dress being sold at Forever 21? Well Congress is finally getting their hineys in gear and thinking about protecting clothing designs under copyright laws! While I admit have bought a knock-off or two in my time, I really can't believe it's taken them this long to protect the fashion industry. Fashion is totally art and people need to realize that! Though all fashion kinda inspires each other and would this bring the industry to a sluggish pace? Or move it forward and faster. Hmmm. Read the whole article at Women's Wear Daily and then answer the poll!

Red Silk Tunic

I found another voluminous top that doesn't seem to make the mannequin look pregnant! I've been thinking about it and I've decided that babydoll and trapeze tops look best when you're a little on the flat-chested side, so that the waist part of the top doesn't stick out as much. Get this at Bluefly for $171 (40% off!).

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Raw Silk Mini Dress

Raw Silk Mini DressWhat a beautiful and classic dress! I look at it and immediately think of Audry Hepburn, it's just so chic! Toss a cardigan or blazer to cover the back cutouts at work and then rock a ubersexy look for cocktails. And it's only $180 at Unsung Designers, which is considerably cheap for a silk dress that looks this good!

Pacman Ring

Who doesn't look fondly back at the 80's and remember the great arcade games like Pacman or Frogger? This unisex ring at Stars + Infinite Darkness is an awesome reminder of the cooler, simpler times of your youth. Buy it for $140.

Linen Tulip Skirt

Linen Tulip SkirtI love the multi-sized buttons (AKA stepping stones) running up this skirt. Perfect for Summer, it's earthly and organic and just the thing to pair with some espadrille wedges. Buy at Anthropologie for $218.

SALES! is closing at the end of May, so pick up some great stuff up to 40% off, maybe even more later! I just wish I had heard about this site years ago cuz it's brilliant, almost as awesome as Etsy.
Pendant Wristlet

Pink Mascara is also having a sale, a Spring up to 75% off one! I was shocked at the amount of totally cute things for almost affordable prices on there!
Dress Wedges

Seashell Weave Hat

Seashell Weave HatSun damage is never sexy, so shield your face this summer with this adorably girly straw hat. It's got that 1920's vibe, wear it with a retro bathing suit to complete the look or contrast it with a scandalously teeny bikini Buy at Lisa Kline for $55.

Peep Toe Wedges

Peep Toe WedgesThese wedges are totally adorable and fashionable from Spring to Fall every year! Plus $22 off–just $52 at Red Velvet Couture.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

80s Clutch

80s ClutchWell, if the 1980s are coming back into style this season, here's the perfect purse to bring! Only $48 at Polka Dots & Moonbeams, this "vintage" purse (seriously, that makes me feel old) is awesomely retro and kitsch without being obnoxious.

Silk Jovovich-Hawk Tunic

Silk Jovovich-Hawk TunicThis is a beautifully romantic tunic/mini dress! It's got a soft handmade feel and would look great with ballet flats and bright pink lips. Of course, it's also $450, which is a bit much and makes me wonder if I could just make this myself! If you lack the sewing skills, but it at Satine.

Black Beaded Ribbon Necklace

Black Beaded Ribbon NecklaceI've always liked necklaces that tie with ribbons instead of clasps. Maybe it's because I have short hair and they look so fetching on the nape of my neck. Or maybe it's just because they're different. Either way, this one is very cute, though not too girly) and only $22 at Rimistyle!

Scissors Chemise

Scissors ChemiseAn amazing bold graphic of vintage scissors is hand screen printed on the side of this chemise, making it go from boring to "Where did she find that??" Well you found it here, at Fasshonaburu, spread the word!!! Buy this top for $32 at Orange Button, an online boutique for independent designers.

Holly Golightly Sleep Mask

Most fasshonaburus I know worship the movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's," and for good reason. The most brilliant costuming ever, to me it was the beginning of the girl-about-town culture. But all girls must get their beauty sleep, so don't forget your sleep mask from Fred Flare for only $14!

H&M Loves Kylie


INTERMIXHmm, not sure if this is a first come, first serve deal (I think it is) but: To enjoy a ten percent savings on your next purchase at INTERMIX Online, simply enter promo code WELCOME43007 at checkout. Your special savings is nontransferable and is not valid for cash. This offer expires 4/30/07.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Organic Rib Tank

Organic Rib TankPair this with board shorts to go surfer girl or a long flowy skirt to be boho chic. Buy it at Hip & Zen for the sale price of $27.

Red Vegan-Friendly Heels

Who knew that vegan shoes could look so hot?? Sold by Beyond Skin, a site that uses eco-friendly, natural fabric alternatives (but no leather or fur), get these for £175.00 and click your heels three times to go home!

Chambray Blouse

Chambray BlouseHere's a delicately sweet top made out of organic cotton. I like the mandarin collar and the solid trim. Buy this at Pangaya for $90. Also, chambray means "A fine lightweight fabric woven with white threads across a colored warp." I learned something new today!

Organic Ruffle Cardigan

Organic Ruffle CardiganStewart + Brown is probably one of my favorite organic labels. They have great designs that are unique and look fashionable without looking like they are trying to be fashionable. Here's a cute babydoll fit cardigan for $92 with an awesome collar that you can unbutton and lie flat or do up for a cowl-like effect.