Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Convertible Heels

Sheilas’ Heels is a sexy heel that folds down into a sexy flat for driving! Created by Sheilas’ Wheels, a woman-focused division of a UK insurance company, it's all about promoting safe driving while looking fabulous! I think they executed the concept brilliantly (the shoes are actually pretty cute!) and I cant wait until they're available! Not because I can't drive in heels, but because it's two shoes in one, hooray!


Mens designer clothing said...

What a great idea, gggg these people are gonna be rich!

aura said...

what if you're walking & the heel just snaps back into a flat??? how is the support reinforced?

Nadine said...

There is a product on the market that is more than two shoes in one, it's "5 shoes in 1" and available for pre-order at www.convertible-heels.com! A pair of shoes that converts from high to low by simply pressing a button. They're called Day2Night Convertible Heels.
I've been testing the prototypes and they super! Check them out :)