Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Color Blocked Dresses

Here's some more two toned dresses in case you like the look! Alas, it's still a new enough trend that most of the pieces are pretty expensive... oh well! Everyone have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend, and I'll catch you on Tues!

Powder Blue Ballet Flat

Powder Blue Ballet FlatBallet flats are great to play around with color, and these light blue ones will still match near everything! Buy at Kitson for $110.

Free Shipping!

Labor Day Free Shipping Sales!
With a $125 purchase until Sept 3, enter "125FREE" at the checkout.

Queen Bee
Until the end of Sept, enter "back2school" at the checkout.

Red Blossom Skirt

Red Blossom SkirtThis is a beautiful skirt, with fun pockets that a casual cool vibe. Definitely something to wear while running errands or to class, but not exactly office wear. Buy at JB and Me for $64.

Raspberry Sweater Dress

Raspberry Sweater DressI love sweater dresses for Fall, because they combine my two favorite things, sweaters and dresses! This is in a great color and you can buy it for just $99 at Lord & Taylor.

Grenade Necklace

Grenade NecklaceIn keeping with my tradition of posting scary, violent pendants, I bring you the grenade necklace! Buy this at Couture Candy for $88.

Gray Flannel Blazer

Gray Flannel BlazerAh, the perfect Fall piece! Classy, but not stuffy, buy this gray blazer at the Gap for $118. And from Aug 30 to Sept 3 get 20% off any purchase at the Gap that's over $100! Just enter "PPB9RKWZNSLH" at the checkout.

Metallic Zip Clutch

Metallic Zip ClutchI love the pockets on the outside of this clutch! Just because clutches are tiny (usually) doesn't mean we want all our stuff jumbled together in a mass to dig through. With this purse you can separate out your keys or id and cash, making them less likely to fall out when you're grabbing your phone or camera. Buy this at eLuxury for $188.

Leopard Silk Tunic

Leopard Silk TunicI love it when sale items are actually in for the season! The leopard tunic is perfect for Fall and mark down from $260 to just $130. Buy it at Frock Boutique.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bow Front Tulip Skirt

Bow Front Tulip SkirtYay, pretty bow in front of skirt. And if you look hard enough, you'll realize that the skirt is denim, which really surprised me. I mean, it's a dry clean only jean skirt?? Oh, a PHILIP LIM dry clean only jean skirt at Ron Herman for $210. Now it makes sense.


Is tartan hot hot hot for Fall?

Wide Shawl Collar Coat

Wide Shawl Collar CoatThis coat has the best collar ever! Though they seem to list this as black, it looks gray on my screen. Am I crazy? Buy it at TopShop for £85 or about $170.

15% off Gryson Bags at Tobi

Gryson BagEnter "GRYSON" at Tobi to get 15% off a Gryson bag before Sept 3. They beautiful but the cheapest one w/o the discount is $525...

Two Tone Dress

Two Tone DressA lot of two tone dresses seem to be coming out for Fall, a new trend? Buy this dress at Anthropologie for $158.

Stripe Knit Top Set

Stripe Knit Top SetI haven't posted anything from Zu-Zu-b since I tired ordering three things from the site and none of them were in stock. It was very traumatizing for me! But this sweater and scarf set is so cute I had to show people! Buy it for just $42 before its sold out!

Overstock Email Only Sale

Overstock Email Only SaleWhat is with all the email only sales filling my spam box these days?? Here's one for Overstock.

Cashmere Lined Athletic Shoes

Cashmere Lined Athletic ShoesPerfect for pilates or yoga, these low impact athletic shoes are lined in soft cashmere! Plus they look great, something you could wear while running errands. Buy them at Lucy for $90 in red or brown.

Sociopathic Social Climber Tee

Sociopathic Social Climber TeeNot only is this tee super cute, but 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Buy it at Bluefly for $25.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tweed Wide Leg Trouser

Tweed Wide Leg TrouserIf you're searching for the perfect pair of pants for this Fall/Winter, than look no more! These wide leg tweed pants are exactly what you need and are only $129 at Bebe.

Bluefly Sales

Hopefully you all know that today is the last day of the Bluefly Semi-Annual Sale. What you may not know is that they're having a special secret cashmere sale today too... just through email. So here's the link because we all know I can't keep secrets!

Feather Bangle

Feather BangleWink NYC is having a 30% off sale (except items already on sale) by using the code "DCWINK" at checkout. I particularly like these feather bangles for $38. A lot of designers are using feather accents for Fall 2007, making these must have items!

Tartan Blouse

Tartan BlouseI love the punky prep look of tartan, especially in blues and purples. This blouse at Ralph Lauren for $245 is great for spicing up your work look

Lust for Less: Studded Belt

Leather and studs are coming in this Fall. Of course, you don't want to go over the top, you'd look like you were wearing a costume. Plus, who can afford the new leather jackets coming out? But a trendy accent piece is just the thing to update your look while saving money... MAYBE.

I saw this studded belt at Intuition before I saw the price tag, and was just shocked. $99 for a studded belt? Don't even get me started on how expensive the rocker belt is!

Especially when you can get this near copy at TopShop for £15 or about $30. Put the remaining $69 in savings for a matching Harley.

Quick Choosing Glasses Guide

YOUR EYEGLASSES SHOULD CONTRAST, NOT MIMIC, THE SHAPE OF YOUR FACE. Here's a quick guide, courtesy of renowned eyeglass designer Richard Morgenthal.

Your shape: Heart
Your specs: A heart-shaped face already has a lot of definition. Since your head is top-heavy, go for a geometric frame that gives some width to the lower half of your face.

Your shape: Square
Your specs: Since a square face already has angles, go for a round or oval frame that shapes your cheekbones. A decorative frame with width will often do the trick.

Your shape: Round
Your specs: Avoid dark frames; they only make your face appear heavy. A round face needs direction, so opt for angular and narrow frames-never a square or a circle.

Your shape: Oval
Your specs: A modern rectangle is best for an oval face. Because your face is longer than it is wide, you'll need frames that provide width. If your face is wider than it is long, go the opposite way.

Cropped Herringbone Jacket

Cropped Herringbone JacketThis hooded cropped jacket is perfect for Fall weather! It'll cover your hair if it rains and it'll protect from the slightly dropping temps. Buy it on sale at eLuxury for $164.

Pepper Spray Ring

Pepper Spray RingHmm, this is an interesting concept. While I'm not a big fan of the ring design, I have to say I like the idea. Though I could see it accidentally being set off with amusing and painful results. The ring sprays a super strong pepper spray up to 12 inches and if refillable. It's a great way to feel safe, and you can buy it in gold-plated or silver for $30 at Protect Yourself Direct, and refills are $8 each.

Metallic Party Dress

Metallic Party DressWhether going to Homecoming or a Fashion Week party, this dress will cause you to stand out without making you look desperate for attention. Confidence in silk form, you can buy this number at ShopBop for the sale price of $175.

Fashiontribes Fashion Week Event

  • WHO: & in partnership with and H&M- are hosting a Fashionweek kick-off cocktail party & shoe shopping event at Te Casan in Soho. Hot new social networking site will be in the house shooting for their special Fashionweek coverage, so come ready for your close-up.
  • WHY: Kick off NY Fashionweek with emerging designers Jeddah-Kahn & Zonkiri, and shop for a great cause - to benefit God's Love We Deliver & their amazing work delivering nutritious meals to people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer & other serious illnesses
  • WHY NOT: enjoy a glass (or three) of fab wine courtesy of Franciscan or tasty bevvies from Peroni & vitaminenergy, munch on yummy snacks from Lotus New York, enjoy live jazz & indie fashion, and most important: ogle hot bartenders & passers from Model Bartenders (yes they only hireZoolander-ridiculously-good-lookingspecimens), and, if you're lucky...phat goodie bags
  • WHEN: Wednesday, September 5th from 7-9 pm
  • WHERE: Te Casan, 382 Broadway in Soho (between Prince & Spring)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Treescape Tank

Treescape TankI really love the print on this top, it has a vintage Asian look to it that appeals to me. Buy this for more than 50% off at Pink Mascara–originally $202 but marked down to $61.

Fashion Geek Girl Tee

Geek Girl TeeIf your geeky and fashionable sides co-exist peacefully, than this tee is perfect for you! The back has the closing tag, click on the picture to see it. And if you don't get it, I'm too lazy to try to explain and you probably wouldn't care anyway. Buy at Think Geek for $18.

Shecky's Girls Night Out

I've been finding a lot more DC shopping events, yay!

Event Details & Tickets
Date: Wed-Thurs, October 3rd-4th, 2007; 5pm-10pm
Place: DAR Constitution Hall
1776 D St. NW (17th & 18th Sts. NW)
General Admission Tickets: $10
Deluxe Goodie Bag Tickets: $25
(Includes our famous, overstuffed Shecky’s Goodie Bag)
Girlfriend Group Tickets: Click here & save up to 20%

Purple-Soled Mary Janes

Purple-Soled Mary JanesI just wasn't able to resist these shoes! Everyone's being going nuts over red-soled Louboutins lately, but a purple-soled shoe??? I can now die happy! Buy these Christian Lacroix's at half price, $220 at Foot Candy.

Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

Cashmere Fingerless GlovesFor some reason I've always loved fingerless gloves, and these cashmere ones are a perfect combination of grungy 80s and glamorous luxury! Buy them at ShopBop for $58.

Gray Grandpa Sweater

Grandpa SweaterI love Fall for the really cute sweaters, but I always forget how expensive knits and cashmere can be!!! This is a beautiful piece thta looks cozy, but it costs $217 at Revolve Clothing. Time to start saving up for Fall fashion!

Cloud Pendant

Cloud PendantAh, so simple and yet so adorable! This remind me of the rain cloud necklace I posted a looong time ago. Buy this one at YTBA Designer Products for $58 AUD or $48 USD.

Trapeze Tunic Top

Trapeze Tunic TopI really like the boatneck collar and chest darting on this top. Something to throw on when you want to look polished, buy this at PlasticLand for $42.

Fashion Indie Mag Release Party

Fashion Indie Mag Release PartyFashion Indie Mag Release Party
Sept 7
64 East 1st Street

Friday, August 24, 2007

Super Flare Trouser

Super Flare TrouserWide-legged pants are coming back into style, but if you're petite like me you tend to look swallowed up in billowy pants. This is why flares are a great option, they have the volume without taking over. Buy these at Free People for $128.

White Linen Sequin Fish Skirt

White Linen Sequin Fish SkirtI heart fishes, especially ones that are sparkly! The white and the silver look great together and you can buy this Tory Burch skirt on sale now at Bluefly for $170.

Hollywood Ready Hair

Dove has a mini mockumentary showing what it takes to get celebrity hair, and I have to say it's pretty accurate. It's hard to have real expectations of yourself when there are so many beautiful, styled & photoshopped women out there, but you gotta remember to love who you are and all that feel good stuff.

Knotted Dress

Knotted DressI like simple, classic pieces that have a slightly unique twist on them (this time literally. ha!). You can buy this deep purple dress at French Connection for $118.

District Sample Sale

District Sample Sale
Cocktails, couture and charity: the trifecta that's at the top of every DC fashionista's agenda.

Wednesday, September 12th
3307 M Street, NW
Washington, DC

I already got MY ticket, how about you????

High-Heeled Leather Spectator

High-Heeled Leather SpectatorI had previously posted about high heeled oxfords, but these weren't out yet and so here's another option for you ladies! Buy them at Bebe for $149.

Wool Tulip Jacket

Wool Tulip JacketI know that I shouldn't post things out of most of my readers (and my) price range, but I think everyone can at least appreciate an amazing piece like this! I mean... soooo pretty! Of course, now I may cry because I will never have it, but... soooo pretty! To the one person who can afford it, buy it at Saks for $660.

Overstock Secret Sale!

An Overstock secret sale only though email??? I MUST share the link!
Overstock Secret Sale

Cure Bag

Cure BagA limited edition bag perfect for the beach, the Cure Bag sold by Sea Bags costs $125 and benefits the Maine Cancer Foundation.

Military Inspired Looks

Technically Fall will have "admiral" inspired looks, but that's pretty much the same as military, right?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Brown Work Shorts

Brown Work ShortsI know some people think that wearing shorts to work just isn't acceptable, but these cover just as much as a pencil skirt. And they're not exactly casual. You can buy them at Queen Bee, originally $172 and marked down to just $86.

Lust For Less: Puffy Vest

One way to update your wardrobe for Fall is to rock the puffy quilted look.
Theory Puffy Vest
This one by Theory is in a cute red color and has a drawsting at the waist. It costs $295 at Shop Bop.
Old Navy Puffy Vest
Or you could get pretty much the same look with this Old Navy vest for $40 in black, yellow or ivory.

Standard Style Sale

Standard Style SaleStandard Style is having a sale until midnight tonight, just use the code "24OFF" at the checkout to get 24% off!

Sailor Top

This asymmetrical sailor top is just so cute and unique! Click on the image to see the front, but it's that back that I especially love. Buy it in navy or white at Built By Wendy for $162.

La Rok Sample Sale

La Rok Sample SaleLa Rok Sample Sale
Short-sleeved double-knit jacket with gold buttons and chain detail which retailed for $228, now $75; swing-back cotton trench coat with contrast piping $100 (was $288); colorful cotton cashmere polo with hand crochet button detail $60 (was $188); cotton cashmere oversized hooded sweater coat $100 (was $288)

Koral Industries
2760 Fruitland Ave (corner of Soto St.)
Vernon, CA 90058

August 23-25
Thursday 4pm - 6 pm
Friday 11am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm

Woven Dress

Woven DressI could have sworn I'd posted this dress before, but I don't see it so here it is! This is a classy look, perfect for the new tailored shape coming into style, and it's completely affordable! It looks a bit like the popular Halo Jackie O. dress that was popular awhile back. Buy it at Fan Clothing for $49.

Victorian Boots

Victorian BootsThese boots have great Victoria details that are modernized by a unique and stylish heel! And if they ever go out of style you can give them to you Goth niece. Buy them for a pricey $389 at John Fluevog

Fitted Denim Soldier Jacket

Fitted Denim Soldier JacketThis is a great example of the military-inspired pieces that are in this Fall. The details are great, I love all the buttons and embroidery! Buy this at the eco-friendly store Envi for the sale price of $132.

Ruffle Front Top

Ruffle Front TopBluefly now has BCBG! I like this top, it makes me think of what you would wear if you were a pirate or a castaway on a desert island. Buy it for $64, originally $108.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Leaf Umbrella

It's like when tiny gnomes or elves use leaves for umbrellas! These are just so cute and unique and cost $48 at, though shipping can be expensive, depending and where you are.

Mandarin Shirt Dress

Mandarin Shirt DressI like how this dress has unique touches that set it apart from other shirt dresses, like the mandarin collar and the banded hem. And the color is just fabulous! Buy this for the sale price of $110 at Active Endeavors.