Monday, October 29, 2007

Gap & Child Labor in India

Child workers, some as young as 10, have been found working in a textile factory in conditions close to slavery to produce clothes that appear destined for Gap Kids, one of the most successful arms of the high street giant.

Speaking to The Observer, the children described long hours of unwaged work, as well as threats and beatings.

Gap said it was unaware that clothing intended for the Christmas market had been improperly subcontracted to a sweatshop using child labour. It announced it had withdrawn the garments involved while it investigated breaches of the ethical code imposed by it three years ago.

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Hmm, it's hard to know what to think on this situation. On the one hand, I do believe the Gap would never intentionally employ child sweat shop labor. On the other hand, they were still negligent on their standards and that's no one's fault but their own. Do you think they need to be boycotted in case more of their clothes are made in sweatshops??