Thursday, October 25, 2007

Interview with Luciana Tiktin of YOSOY FASHION

It's been awhile since I've really interviewed someone, huh??? So here's one with Luciana Tiktin, creator of YOSOY FASHION. If the name is familiar, that's because she showed at DC Fashion Week recently! The label has been compared to D&G, Miss Sixty and Diesel and I really love the pieces in the new collection!

How did you get into fashion design?

I started in the fashion industry as a fashion stylist, and then I went into fashion design.

Do you have any formal training? Previous experience?

I did 1 year of design at International Fine Arts College, in Miami, FL. And I dropped, I was more interested about opening my own line, since at that time I was working at Jormar, clothing wholesaler, I had some experience, so just jumped.

What other designers inspire you?

Stella Mc Cartney, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Valentino & Oscar De La Renta.

Describe your typical customer.

Cool girl, 20/30 something, with some sense of style, looking for something unique.

What celebrity's style is the embodiment of your line/if you could dress any celeb in your clothes, who would it be?

Victoria Beckham is the embodiment of the line, trashy euro look, with class & sense of fashion. I'll love to dress Gwen Stephanie, eventough we'll have a conflict of interests. In other case, Scarlett Joahnson or Mischa Barton.

What's in the future for YOSOY FASHION?

YOSOY Fashion is planning to open a Showroom/ Retail store, joining forces with other DC local designers, like L- Shandi, CG originals, Anne Lewis, Holland Cox, Samira Atash, and more.

Congrats on showing at DC Fashion Week! I noticed you had jodhpurs in your collection. How would you recommend creating an outfit with that as a center piece?

I usually wear them with boots and a top. Depends where I'm going I'll style it more, or I'll choose a sleeky top of my collection.

What are some of the other upcoming trends you're seeing for Spring 2008?

Jumpsuits, tie dye, dresses still with a Star Wars flavor.

What's your favorite piece of clothing in your own closet?

You'll laugh, but at this moment I have to say are Jadhpurs. I'm with them day and night...I have them in 3 different fabrics!


Anonymous said...

I was one of the models that worked with Luciana, from Yosoy Fashions, in her dc fashion week shows. Not only is Luciana a very down to earth person with a great sense of style, but her clothes make you feel very edgy and sexy. All of the clothing is made with a woman's shape in mind. It enhances what we've got while making us feel beautiful, classy, edgy and unique all in one. The casual wear are everyday pieces that you could easily dress up or down and her dresses are out of this world. The dresses are all very comfortable are extremely wearable, while the cuts of these dresses are amazing. I'm sure once everyone has seen several different pieces in her line they will be wanting to see more and remember...she just getting started. Good luck to Luciana and Yosoy Fashion!