Friday, February 29, 2008

African Student Association Fashion Show

Tonight is the ASA Fashion show for DC Fashion Week. I won't be making it to this one, but if you want too then:
Cramton Auditorium
Friday, February 29, 2007
Runway 07:00 PM
2455 Sixth Street, NW, WDC 20059
(202) 806-7194
Tickets: $12.00

Style Vocab

This article, written for "The Washington Post," has some great info! I'm really sick of people mis-using the term couture, that's for sure!

Every industry has jargon, but fashion truly speaks a language all its own. Skirts are bubbles, funnels or tulips. Cuts range from A-line to zigzag. A cotton dress can be ruched, pleated and pin-tucked, all at the same time. And that's not even considering really opaque terms such as "directional." (The word has nothing to do with turn signals or being lost: It refers to a particularly important design that might alter the trendscape -- indeed, the "direction" of fashion -- in months to come.)

Even if you try to learn the lingo, it's not easy. Many industry terms get bandied about incorrectly by glassy-eyed celebs or professional talking heads whose list of qualifications could fit inside a fortune cookie. I take particular issue with words that get appropriated into glossy marketing spiel. Would you be more likely to buy a $100 dress if you knew it was crafted from "couture satin"? You shouldn't. (More on that in a moment.)

Here's a brief lesson in style vocab. These terms are good to know if you want to talk the talk the next time you watch "Project Runway" -- or just impress the heck out of that saleswoman at Saks.

"Couture" gets slapped on anything from tank tops to tiaras, but the word doesn't just mean "really fancy." It refers to a tradition of custom-made clothing that originated in France. Far pricier than even designer clothing, couture is for women who think nothing of paying $100,000 for a gown made of ostrich plumes. The evening-wear section of your local department store may stock chiffon frocks, beaded capelets and other dressy dazzlers, but if you buy a piece on sight and carry it out of the store, that isn't couture. It's ready-to-wear, even if you have it altered. As for Juicy Couture . . . don't get me started.

A diffusion line is a collection of clothing that aims to offer a designer's aesthetic to the masses. Marc by Marc Jacobs, See by Chloe and Kors Michael Kors are good examples: Each delivers a soupcon of its namesake designer's look in simpler, more accessible forms. What also gets "diffused," happily, is the price; expect to see one or more zeros lopped off the end.

The notion of a resort or cruise collection tends to make people think of halter tops and midnight buffets. Indeed, these lines were once just mini-collections of lavish vacation wear. They hit stores in late fall or early winter, perfect for women en route to St. Barts. But in recent years, resort has become a big business -- and, as such, an object worthy of designers' attention. Expect slacks, jackets and other structured pieces as appropriate for a Friday meeting as they are for a Fun Ship.

A sample sale has little to do with runway samples. After all, if only 0.02 percent of the population is slim enough to shimmy into your stuff, what's the point of a sale? The term instead has come to refer to a sale of anything and everything, which is good and bad. Usually you'll find deeply discounted stock from previous seasons, but not always. I've seen sample sales that offered new, full-price clothing, vintage jewelry and beauty products.

A shift is commonly confused with a sheath, and the two words have more in common than the way they sound. Both refer to uncomplicated-looking dresses that end somewhere around the knee. The difference is that a shift tends to be less fitted around the waist and hips. Its straight lines are sweet and waifish in a way that the sheath, with all of its body-clinging tenacity, never will be. (Don't feel sorry for the sheath, though: It's shaping up to be one of fall's hot items.)

Trunk shows happen when a designer comes to town to showcase his or her latest collection to the ladies who lunch (though in the case of a major brand such as Marni, you may meet a store manager or label rep rather than Consuelo Castiglioni herself). Any plain Jane who wants to offer her oohs and ahhs is welcome, because these shows are free and usually take place at public venues such as swish boutiques and department stores. Consider them a great opportunity to people-watch, gawk at clothes you can't afford and quaff complimentary champagne. Gawking and quaffing: Next to ladies who lunch, they're two of my favorite things.

Tolani Myst Scarf

Tolani Myst Scarf Tolani scarves have graced the necks of Jessica Alba, Mary Kate Olsen, and Lindsay Lohan. I like this one especially since it makes me think of Spring. Buy at Luv Charlie for $85.

Faux Denim Leggings

Faux Denim LeggingsThese faux denim leggings are cracking me up!!! Very downtown hipster, you can buy them at Intuition for only $35.

Pinstriped Ponté Knit Long Blazer

Pinstriped Ponté Knit Long BlazerAfter being seen on trendsetters like Agness Deyn and the Olsen twins, the over-sized, slouchy blazer is becoming one of my new obsessions! This one has the look almost exactly and is on sale for $54 at Spiegal, $59 in plus size.

Ombre Stripe Sweater

Ombre Stripe SweaterI'm totally feeling the wide blouson style sleeves on this sweater! It looks so soft and cozy yet professional at the same time. Buy at Bloomingdale's for $158.

Jet Sample Sale

Jet by John Eshaya
127 East 9th St Suite 209
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Friday, Feb 29
9:00am to 5:00pm

Popular witht he celebs, the Jet clothing label is made up of tees, hoodies, dresses, and sweats. It's a very LA look, not really my style but if you like casual lines like Primp than you'll like this!

New "It" Model Karlie Kloss

Capri Print Silk MinidressI recently said I was sick of Agness Deyn, well apparently so are other people because we officially have a new It model. The fashion industry is so fickle! She was in all the shows this year, Gucci, Rodarte, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Versace, Pucci... yet I personally think she looks like generic model filler. Maybe she hasn't come into her look yet as she's ONLY 15!!! Pardon me, but I have to go die of jealousy now.

Gingham Skirt

Though I don't really see anyone writing about it, I saw a lot of gingham in stores when I was in NYC for fashion week. It's a very Spring-y fabric and I found a cute See By Chloé skirt version that's actually affordable! Buy it at Yoox for $116 in blue or beige.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Capri Print Silk Minidress

Capri Print Silk MinidressI'm beginning to miss Gossip Girl more and more, aren't you? I may have to tide myself over with a piece from Lorick, the clothing line that plays Elenor's label on the show. This dress has got the best print for Spring ever!! Buy it at Gargyle for the totally unreasonable price of $358.

Takashimaya New York

Takashimaya New York is an amazing department store located in NYC on 5th Ave, Midtown. The chain is based in Japan and the store has all these Asian designers and products that are so amazing and unique! There's even a woman who does eyebrow makeovers on Sat and she seems to know her stuff. There are some products online, which I recommend buying so they can afford to open more stores, preferably one in DC next, thanks! But just to let you know, since the sizing is Asian, you may want to buy a size up...

Lust for Less: Ruffle Bib Tops

When I saw this Rory Beca top at Pink Mascara I immediately fell in love with it. It comes in this fab green, yellow, blue and a bronze-ish brown color. It's a piece that shouts "Spring is coming!" and that makes me tres happy! Unfortunately, it's price does not - it costs $252.

So here's a similar top at Asos that comes in black, yellow and blue. It used to have a bright green version, but I guess that's already sold out. You can buy it for £25 or about $50.

Free Marc Jacobs Tote at Saks

Free Marc Jacobs Tote at SaksGet yourself a free Marc by Marc Jacobs tote when you spend $300 or more on MJ clothing at Saks! Just enter the code "MARC8B" at the checkout. Though I just discover that the Saks in Tysons, VA has stopped selling Marc Jacobs shoes... I think we should all start a letter writing campaign to get me a buyer job there to remedy this issue! Seriously, who decided that was a good call???

Active Endeavors Mens Sale

Active Endeavors is having a mens sale, here are some can't miss pieces:

I love guys in cardigans, though most of the guys I know hate the look. Well this one is only $37 and so I'm posting it in hopes that some guy out there tries it. It's Mr. Rogers chic!

These Rag & Bone jeans have a very subtle pattern to them that makes them interesting. Buy them for $221.

This tweed blazer is classic but not stuffy. Best part is, it was originally $1,050 but is on sale for $315! That's pretty cheap in comparison!

Marc Jacobs Hillary Tee

It appears Marc Jacobs is supporting Hillary Clinton, as these tees are available in-store at his boutiques. The cost $38 and proceeds do go to her campaign. I found some on eBay if you like communists. Ha, I kid, I kid! I'm voting for Kodos, personally.*

*Kang and Kodos are normally villainous and in their appearance they antagonize the Simpson family and the human race. They have invaded the Earth on several occasions, with varying results. On one occasion, they impersonated Bill Clinton and Bob Dole and ran against each other in the 1996 election. The American people first declared that they would fight back by voting for a third party candidate, but Kang managed to convince them that doing so would be a waste of a vote and he was elected president.

Amethyst & Sterling Paw Print Ring

Amethyst & Sterling Paw Print RingEveryone who knows me knows I love animals! So go to The Animal Rescue Site and click to donate food at no cost to you! And you can buy from their store, I especially like this amethyst paw ring for only $17!

Lancôme Thakoon Lipstick in Pixel Pink

The video showcases celebrated designer Thakoon Panichgul and the creation of Lancôme Color Fever Shine Lipstick in Pixel Pink. The video was created by Grant Greenberg, the New York City-based filmmaker who directed the charming Peter Som lipstick video for Lancôme, and features the artwork of painter and experimental filmmaker Jeff Scher.
I heard Pixel Pink was sold out at Lancôme-USA but here it is! You can also find it at Lancôme’s five U.S. boutiques, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

Suede Wedge Wool Lined Boot

Suede Wedge Wool Lined BootWow, talk about an amazing deal! Get yourself a chic and warm Winter boot that isn't "ugg-ly," ha! These Tashkent wedge boots were originally $665, but are marked down to only $99! And they have more than just one size available! Buy at Bird.

DC Sales This Weekend

Setchi Closing Sale
Sat, 11:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
1614 Wisconsin Ave NW, b/t Reservoir Rd. & Q St.
Washington, DC

Alexandria Boutique Warehouse Sale
Sat, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
George Washington Masonic Memorial,
101 Callahan Dr,
Alexandria, VA

Quilted Heart Bag By Tara Subkoff

Quilted Heart Bag By Tara SubkoffTara Subkoff, designer and co-founder of clothing line Imitation of Christ, recently did some designing for Bebe. I like all the pieces, definitely worth checking out, and I especially like this quilted heart bag. It comes in black or red, costs only $79 and is perfect for a night out on the town!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wearable Art

Ever since the Vince paint brush shift dress came out, I've been obsessed with brush stroke prints. But even though this is currently a big trend, most of the pieces are insanely expensive :( I will have to break out the puffy paint and make my own!

Button Front V-Neck Cardigan

This Mike & Chris cardigan is so distinctive and hipster, I can barely handle it! though I suppose you could just dew buttons on your own cardigan and get the look minus the cost. But... so cute and comes in gray, brown and black! Buy for $202 at Revolve Clothing.

Faux Leather Wrap Tunic

Faux Leather Wrap TunicWow, this looks pretty high fashion for Forever 21! And it's only $29, yippie hooray!

Houndstooth Ruffle Skirt

Houndstooth Ruffle SkirtSpeaking of Saks, here's a fab L.A.M.B. skirt with a cascade of ruffles (also known as a jabot) along the front. Sold out in other locations, you can still buy it here for $225. Plus you can also pre-order the navy version here.

Shopping By Decade

I love this! Saks has a page that sorts clothing into the appropriate decade! Not actually vintage pieces of course, but they definitely have the right flair to them. The only problem is that once you pick a decade you can't sort by price, causing some truly excited then sad moments so far for me.

Intermix Warehouse Sale

Sigh, I really wish I lived in NYC!
Intermix Warehouse Sale
125 West 18th Street
Thurs Feb 28 to Sun Mar 2

Ivory Check Blouse

Ivory Check BlouseLike usual, I'm drawn to the mandarin style collar and off center buttoning of this Rag & Bone blouse. And it's 30% off! Buy it at La Garçonne for $158.

Leather Wrap Watch

This watch at Urban Outfitters was sold out almost immediately, and yet here it is available again! You can buy it in tan, black, red or ivory for $95, but I would get it quick before word spreads that it's back.

Black Shift Front Ruffle Dress

Karen Zambos Black Shift Front Ruffle DressI'm personally feeling the tuxedo trend for this Spring, maybe because the pieces are usually more expensive and therefore I covet. But here's a Karen Zambos ruffle front dress on sale for you! Originally £230, it's now £138 or $272 US dollars at Bunny Hug. Blimey, I should really check to see what the price converts to first! Spam or Style?

So I get a lot of comments from someone posting about a site, I decided I should check it out and see if it's a spammy, low class site or something my readers really should know about!
Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see a nice site with cute clothes. A lot aren't particularly my style, most of the dresses are a bit too voluminous and some of the stuff is so basic you might as well buy it in bulk at Old Navy. But I did find some gems:
Silver Ironed Retro JacketThis linen jacket is super unique and only $105.
Mineral Gray Sailor PulloverThis sailor-inspired pullover has a great keyhole neckline and is a perfect layering piece.
Asian Tile RingsThese Asian tile rings are the typ of thing that sells out on Etsy within a day!
So I say this site is officially worth looking at!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fleece Dog Vest

Fleece Dog VestYour hipster dog wants clothes from American Apparel! Tons of cute colors for only $16.

Black Latex Leggings

I have written about PVC Kova & T leggings before, but these don't have the stirrup heel so it's officially not the same. For some reason I now totally want a pair, but I have no idea what size to pre-order - I need to find them in person and try them on! Anyhoo, these have been seen on Ashley Olsen, Mischa Barton, and Kate Moss and next could be YOU! Pre-order at Singer 22 for $125.

Belted Black Dress

Belted Black DressI've been meaning to post this dress forever, but I keep forgetting! Here it is, a seasonless piece that's on sale at Harmony Lane for only $129!

Bonfire Magazine Issue 2

Bonfire Magazine Issue 2I'm a little "eh" about Bonfire Magazine, the content is mostly just filler in my opinion. But the model on the cover, referred to as Brittany in the mag, looks familiar, no? Wasn't she on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show for a hot second before moving on to bigger and better things? I just found her MySpace and I totally called it, I am genius!

LaRok Dip Dye Fresia Tunic

LaRok Dip Dye Fresia TunicMwahahaha, this very boho top is sold out at all the major online boutiques, such as ShopBop and Couture Candy, but I finally found it! You can buy it at Vibe the Boutique (which I've never shopped at) for $158.

Lick My Bean Agness Deyn!

Agness Deyn Time Magazine CoverImage via Perez Hilton
Agness Deyn is the hottest thing since Gemma Ward, but I am already completely sick of her. Now she's on the cover of Time Magazine's Style & Design issue... ugh! Maybe it's because I've been following the shows and she's been in pretty much every major one. Let's all band together and make Chanel Iman the new poster child for the fashion generation!
I do agree though, luxury good are no longer for women 30 and up. Tons of 20 somethings are going shopping for designer clothes , I know my closet would be the envy of what used to be the average girl. Are we richer or just more spoiled?

Devil Tank

Devil TankI love the whimsical prints used by See by Chloé, like this devil tank! Buy it at Diabro for $112. Has anyone purchased form this site before? I was thinking about maybe buying something, but it's a high-end piece so I'm a little cautious.

Straw Tote

Straw ToteWouldn't this be the most adorable beach bag ever? I lobster claw is so cute! Buy this Kate Spade bag at Foot Candy, originally $395 but now on sale for $198.

District Sample Sale

Ahhh, it's time for the District Sample Sale! it's such a fun event and I really wish I could afford to go this year, but I'm still broke from NY so you will all have to go in my place!
Tuesday, March 4, 2008
6:30 to 9:30
The Galleria at Lafayette Centre
1155 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC
Entrance on 21st Street between M & L
All proceeds will benefit Martha's Table Summer Camp, which provides a safe summer haven to at-risk D.C. children ages 8-15.

Long Sportsjacket

Long SportsjacketI previously posted a more affordable oversized blazer, but since it looks to be a good trend for Spring (and much less obvious than wearing ikat) here's another option for you ladies out there! This one is very chic and available in white or black at Built By Wendy for $292.

Dsquared2 Fall / Winter 2008

Model Smoking On Runway - Credit: APHmm, I liked the Dquared2 theme of sexy, kinda punk librarian. A little more subtle than their usual collection though. But what caught my eye was they sent a model down the runway smoking a cigarette. And while I doubt to many young girls follow the shows in Milan, it promotes the idea that a cigarette is a fashion accessory. This bothers me a little, even though I am a smoker, as I thought the mindset of cigarettes = glam was so over. I think the designers are just lashing back after too skinny models got banned in some places; I know in Milan recently ruled that runway models have to be 16 and over and be able to present a medical certificate to show they are not suffering from an eating disorder. Well, it is Europe - everyone smokes! So maybe it's just not a big deal? What do you think?

Photo from AP

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fuschia Patent Slingbacks

Fuschia SlingbacksIf you want to rock the bright accessory trend without breaking the bank, how about these pink slingbacks for only $69?? Don't be afraid to wear bright shoes - if you're super scared pair them with a monochrome neutral outfit like a black suit. Buy these at Piperlime (6.5 and 9.5 are sold out already!).

Milan Fashion Week F/W 2008

Hmm, here are some of my favorite looks from Milan!

Versace - Super fab print!

Belstaff - Love that slanted breast pocket!

Fendi - Those sleeves are the hotness!

Dolce and Gabbana - This dress has made me obsessed with tulle underlays! Not to be confused with their Dolce & Gabbana show (note the ampersand)

Iceberg - I wonder if my knitting friends can make me this...

Gucci - I'm not big on boho, but I love the 70s rock look... yes it is different, I swear! It's less earthy, more glam.

Prada - A slightly less wussy lace that will be HUGE for Fall

Jill Saunder - One of the best and most wearable tiered ruffle inspired looks so far. Or is this a bandage inspired dress?

Moschino Cheap & Chic - I'm a big fan of the brush stroke art trend