Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dsquared2 Fall / Winter 2008

Model Smoking On Runway - Credit: APHmm, I liked the Dquared2 theme of sexy, kinda punk librarian. A little more subtle than their usual collection though. But what caught my eye was they sent a model down the runway smoking a cigarette. And while I doubt to many young girls follow the shows in Milan, it promotes the idea that a cigarette is a fashion accessory. This bothers me a little, even though I am a smoker, as I thought the mindset of cigarettes = glam was so over. I think the designers are just lashing back after too skinny models got banned in some places; I know in Milan recently ruled that runway models have to be 16 and over and be able to present a medical certificate to show they are not suffering from an eating disorder. Well, it is Europe - everyone smokes! So maybe it's just not a big deal? What do you think?

Photo from AP


Girl-Woman said...

What a thought-provoking poll. As a parent, I want to lash out at the media, but as an independent, it is free speech and free smoke.

Thanks for getting my brain working this morning. We have had 10 inches of snow since yesterday, and I'm getting kind of goofy.