Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ruffle Bottom Maxi Dress

Ruffle Bottom Maxi DressI'm always looking for maxi dresses that don't billow out and make a short girl like me look squat and shapeless. This one is cute because it flares out at the bottom, kinda like a mermaid shape. Buy in white, gray or black at Revolve Clothing for $177.

Cross Border Silk Scarf

Cross Border Silk ScarfThis silk scarf has got a great feel to it, very rocker boho. Buy it at TopShop for £22 or about $43 US dollars!

Deep V Cardigan Vest

Deep V Cardigan VestThe extra long cardigan is chic right now, but it's getting warm out and do you need the extra coverage? With this long cardigan vest you can stay cool and look hot at the same time! Buy at Juma for $123 in gray, black or blue.

Olive Green Jumper

Olive Green JumperI'm trying to post less rompers, but I have an addiction! This one is perfect for a music festival or just a lazy day. Buy at Owl's Lab for the sale price of $160.

Gold Snake Skin Heel

Gold Snake Skin HeelIf you love the look of ballet flats but miss the extra oomph a pair of heels can give you, this kitten heel is just the thing! It's perfect to wear to a Summer wedding and is only $135 at Piperlime.

Full Geometric Mini Skirt

Full Geometric Mini SkirtI can't help buy love full mini skirts, even though they make it easy to flash your unmentionables ;) This one has a great geometric pattern, very unique! Buy at Nordstrom for $88.

Textured Silk Blazer

Textured Silk BlazerThis blazer by Richard Chai has got some great texture, almost a futuristic snake skin! And while the designer is usually way out of my reader's budgets, this piece is on super sale and could possibly be a splurge. Originally $1,195 at, it's now a slightly more reasonable $375.

Jersey Butterfly Top

Jersey Butterfly TopThis jersey top has great neck detailing - a pintucked square neck and three lace butterflies! But it doesn't look too girly because it's black and blue, I think it has the perfect balance. Even better, the top is only $58 at Anthropologie!

Fashion Backpacks

I'm hearing surprising rumors that backpacks are making a comeback. Designers like Alexander Wang, Marni and Sophie Hulme have all shown them recently and I suppose it's possible that they'll catch on. It's certainly more practical than a hugely oversized, overstuffed purse that makes you lopsided. Here are a few I found that are cute:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tag You're It!

Tagged by Jordana of Clutch 22:

Here are six of my ‘quirks’

1. I'm a trained opera singer. So whenever I sing along to the radio, it gets a little "opera-ized," which I just can't help.
2. I'm the only fashionista I know who plays video games and reads comic books (especially the Buffy Season Eight comics!)
3. I'm scared of the "toilet monster," the monster that comes out of the toilet when it stops flushing. In my defense, Ghostbusters 2 traumatized me when I was little!
4. I hate cheese, unless it's on a pizza or mozzarella sticks. I contend that it's no longer cheese but something that looks like it!
5. I'm a marathon sleeper - once I slept for 24 hours straight for no good reason (ie not sick or hungover). My friends think I'm narcoleptic, and I can't really disagree.
6. Whenever I hear the violin I have to rock out some air violin. I'm a virtuoso.

I’m tagging…

1. The Purl Parables
2. Wendy B
3. Always In Style
4. Girl-Woman
5. The Space Between My Peers
6. Almost Dressed

The rules are as follows:

* Link the person who tagged you
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Kate Moss' Necklace

PKate Moss' NecklaceI haven't written about Locher's in awhile, but I saw this necklace and busted out laughing! Complete with spoon and vial of white powder, this is all Kate Moss needed for a good time! Buy it for $69, and don't wear it out to a club that searches people!
I can't believe I have to say this again in one day but Fasshonaburu does not condone drug use!

Iman vs Heidi

Iman is the host of Project Runway Canada and seems to think she's better qualified. She was recently quoted saying, "Definitely Heidi and I come from two different places," Iman tells the World Entertainment News Network. "I'm not belittling Heidi Klum, but I have been in fashion much more than she has. Not to toot my own horn, but I have been one of the best runway girls.
"I know clothes, and I know about working hand in hand with designers — I mean, I've worked with Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano. Yves St. Laurent — he created a whole collection for me. Tom Ford, Valentino. Versace. Jean Paul Gaultier. Thierry Mugler … I could go on and on."
Oh snap, who do you like better? Even though you've probably seen only one or the other, let's be judge anyway!

Upside Down Ruffle Hem Skirt

Upside Down Ruffle Hem SkirtThe hem on this skirt is so original and pretty, it reminds me of the origami pleats trend and paper bag waists. You can buy this in gray and blue or brow and red for $120 at Smashing Darling. There's even a matching blazer!

Skinny Leather Pants

Skinny Leather PantsWhile in Vegas this weekend, I tired on a pair of leather leggings by The Row (the really high-end Olsen twin line)which I immediately fell in love with! Unfortunately they cost something like $1,750, waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range. So I'm hunting for something similar, I found these leather pants at Brown's for £750 or about $1,47. Technically cheaper, but still hugely expensive, plus not stretchy like leggings. I'll keep looking and let you know, I'm not into shiny PVC leggings so those are out.

Woven Box Clutch

Woven Box ClutchI'm usually not a big fan of woven anything, but I really like this tiny box clutch! Get it in black or fab apple green to top off a Summer dress. Buy at Kate Spade for $375.

Yesenia Embroidered Blouse

Yesenia Embroidered BlouseOf all the boho styles, I think I like ethnic boho the best - it just feels more worldly, you know? This blouse has got some beautiful embroidery along the neck and makes me think of a beautiful Peruvian peasant girl! Buy at Forever 21 for $20.

LeSportsac Sales!

One-week sale at all LeSportsac boutiques and, starting Thursday April 24th, 2008

LeSportsac Madison Avenue
1065 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10028

LeSportsac SoHo
176 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012

LeSportsac Beverly Center
8500 Beverly Blvd., #750
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Spend $100 and receive 20% off your purchase
Spend $300 and receive 30% off your purchase

(Sale subject to product availability and applies to all merchandise. Promotion can not be combined with another promotion or discount. Maximum discount is 30%. )

I Heart Drugs Tee

I Heart Drugs TeeThis Moschino tank made me laugh, so I figured I would share with you. Definitely for readers with an edgy style! Buy at Zappos for $160... wow for a tank top? I guess it costs to be fashionably offensive!

NOTE: In no way does Fasshonaburu endorse drug use to its readers!

Celeb Style: Ruffle Hem Dress

This dress Ashlee Simpson is wearing is unique and really cute, but way out of my price range! Buy at Net-A-Porter for $675.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lust for Less: Nude Wingtip Pumps

Even though they're 20% off, these Mui Mui pumps are still an expensive $420 at Bluefly.

So even those these pumps at Asos aren't quite as fab, they're a steal for £32 or about $64 US dollars.
I will be out of town tomorrow to Monday, visiting Kathy in Vegas! Have a super weekend!

Wooden Bead Necklace

Wooden Bead NecklaceBold jewelry is hot, but I recommend choosing either big or colorful, not both at once. Otherwise you'll end up with a piece hidden in your jewelry box that won't be worn again for years. This one stands out without blinding you and only costs $39 at Bebe.

Contrast Coloured Cardi

Contrast Coloured CardiThis cardigan is in great colors and reminds me of a lady who lunches. Pair it with some pearls and a pencil skirt. Buy at TopShop for £30 or about $60.

Palm Tree Tankini

Palm Tree TankiniI haven't posted a tankini in forever! This DVF one is 40% off at Bluefly, running you $96.

Fleece ShortSuit

Fleece ShortSuitHow many ways can you refer to a romper? A jumper, a romper a shortsuit, blah blah blah. I love this Mike & Chris version, it even has a hood! But it costs $248 at Mava, which may be a bit much for a trend that doesn't appear to have much lasting power.

Geren Lockhart To Launch Collection for Urban Outfitters

Geez, seems like EVERYONE is getting designers to do collections for their stores now! Designer Geren Lockhart was raised between Northern California and New York City. She studied at Parsons in New York and Otis in Los Angeles, and after a 12 year career in advertising, she decided to launch a line of clothing named Geren Ford. Geren Ford's dresses and tops have been seen on celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Flea, and more.

White & Yellow Eyelet Trim Top

White & Yellow Eyelet Trim TopI don't think a top could get anymore "Summer!" But this totally lust worthy Philip Lim piece at Blaec for the sale price of $195. And get an additional 25% off (about $147) when you use the code "sale" at checkout!

Paisley Ikat Skirt

Paisley Ikat SkirtMore paisley! I like how, because it's dyed ikat style, this Vera Wang skirt has a less crisp and more flowy look to it. Plus it's on sale at Saks (which is having a 25% off sale for 4 days), originally $395 but now $158! And don't forget to get free shipping on your order more than $150 with the code "SPRINGFS" at checkout!

Paisley Dress

This dress reminds me of a 3.1 Philip Lim dress I wrote about recently, except it's much more affordable! Unfortunately this dress sold out in one day, but you can order yours now for when they restock. Buy at Polka Dots & Moonbeams for $99.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gold Crocodile Ring

Gold Crocodile RingThis ring has subtle texture that mimics crocodile. It's a really stand out cocktail ring that I would rock all Summer long! Buy at Vivre for $125.

Peek Toe Gold Flats

Peek Toe Gold Flats At first glance these reminded me of a pair of shoes writer Kathy wore in NY for fashion week. These aren't quite as fabulous, unfortunately, but they're only $55 at Rumor.

Tweed Cropped Pants

Tweed Cropped PantsUsually I don't post equestrian inspired pieces until Fall, but I really like this pair of pants! A very subtle jodhpur shape and contrasting tweed would look hot with a basic tee or a crisp button down. Buy at ModCloth for $45.

Leather Headband

Blair Waldorf from "Gossip Girl" is inspiring me to be more preppy! While you can sort through a plethora of headbands at Forever 21 for under $10, I decided to look for what I would consider the most perfect headband purchase. I decided on this one by Juicy Couture, not too thin, not too wide, not too boring but still matchable to most outfits. It's not plastic, which gives me headaches too. Buy it at Nordstrom in black, gold, pink or silver for $45.

Printed Crinkle Tissue Tunic

Printed Crinkle Tissue TunicOo, this tunic would look great paired with cutoff shorts or over a bathing suit! Buy the yellow version at J. Crew for the sale price of $40.

Star Pastie Sweater

Star Pastie SweaterI suppose the stars aren't exactly in the right spot, but it really depends on your build anyway. Either way, this cashmere sweater by e.vil (quickly becoming one of my favorite brands) is cheeky and hilarious. Buy it at Bunny Hug for the sale price of £141 or about $277 US dollars.

Designer Collection For McDonald's

Now this is genius! "Bruce Oldfield, who boasts Catherine Zeta Jones, Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall and Jemima Khan among his client list, has created a range for the fast food giant's 67,000 UK staff." Ok, so the name isn't immediately recognizable, apparently Oldfield is a UK designer best known for his couture occasion wear (IE Oscar gowns and bridal wear). But now maybe more people will be interested in his designs and McDonald's gets a desperately needed image makeover. The collection includes a black and mocha polo shirt, black cargo-style trousers, a black and mocha baseball cap and black belt and apron. Male managers will wear black suits with white or biscuit coloured shirts, with the choice of three ties. Female managers have a scarf, button down shirt and skirt. The picture shows the male manager, the female manager, the designer himself and the regular employee. It's definitely a step up!

Zip Halter Dress

Zip Halter DressMint by Jodi is having an online sale, so I go to check it out and of course I immediately desire the dress NOT on sale. But it's so edgy cool and it's the same price as pieces that are on sale. Not that I could afford it anyway. Buy it for $385.

Clutch Wallets

I'm thinking about getting a new wallet, but I really want one than can do double duty as a clutch! Buying something that can do both means I can spend twice as much on it, right???

Summer Jacket

Summer JacketIt's warming up, so why not indulge yourself with a light weight jacket? This one feels very Parisian chic to me, though I can't exactly explain why. Buy in black, gray, brown or white at French Connection for $148.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Halter Onesie

Halter OnesieI admit it, I love the romper trend. It's something I initially loathed on site, until I actually tried one on for a joke. I was struck by how playful and adorably downtown I looked and now I can say I'm a romper-aholic. For most people, I think the best way to wear the look is with a skinny belt and slight blousey top, just like this one from Urban Outfitters for $32. It comes in black, gray, purple and blue and is a steal!

Ruffle Attached Hem Skirt

Ruffle Attached Hem SkirtI like how this skirt's ruffled hem has gaps, like it's been sewn on in a last minute whim. A very stylish whim, though. Buy in either light or dark gray for $159 at Stewart + Brown, one of my favorite eco-labels.

Naughty Secretary Club

Get 25% off everything from April 9 to 26 at the Naughty Secretary Club in celebration of Administrative Professional Week. Enter the coupon code "secretary" at checkout.

Retro Print Bikini

Retro Print BikiniThe retro '70s print of this bikini is fun without being tacky. Buy the top and matching side tie bottoms at Swell for a total of $82.

Coral Island Necklace

Coral Island NecklaceI didn't know coral jewelry could be eco-friendly; in my mind I always imagined people tearing up coral reefs for trinkets. But apparently there are environmentally friendly pieces, like this handmade coral necklace! Buy at Tobi for $126.

Split Side Tank

Split Side TankYay, more earth friendly fare for you! Look at all the fishies on this sustainable silk tank! Buy buying it, you'll probably be saving fishie lives, as well as bunnies and turtles and more! Find it at ShopBop for $233.

Tall Mocasins

There was a lot of fringed footwear for Fall 08, so there's a good chance you can rock these for quite a few months! Perfect for that outdoor concert, buy these at Free People in brown or black for $108.

Navajo V-neck Tee

Navajo V-neck TeeThis Native American-inspired tee is perfect for Summer! It works with the whole boho trend, has bright colors and almost looks painterly! Buy at Kitson for $125 - I know, all these tees I'm posting are hideously overpriced, but I just can't help it!

Rogan Gregory for Target Go International

Rogan Gregory for Target Go InternationalHmm, here are some of the outfits that will be features in Rogan Gregory's collaboration with Target, out May 18. I don't really feel like there's enough color, especially for a Spring / Summer collection, but I like that he took a risk with the romper. Are the non-hipsterati ready for the jumpsuit??? Time will only tell. See the entire collection at Target.

Bamboo Tencel Knit Dress

Bamboo Tencel Knit DressHAPPY EARTH DAY! Here's a bamboo dress, totally eco-friendly and yet so chic and professional! You don't have to be boho to help the environment. Buy this in lavender, white or black for $190 at Nimli.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Loopy Cropped Cardigan

Loopy Cropped CardiganI love the piping on the front of this cardigan, it looks like old-fashioned loop closures. But it in gray, white or orangey red at Anthropologie before it sells out, which will be soon!

Secret J. Crew Code

Get $20 off your purchase of $150 or more at J. Crew with the code "SAVE20" at the checkout! The code will work through April 23.

Patent Oversized Envelope Clutch

Patent Oversized Envelope ClutchThis clutch was love at first site, it is exactly what I envision myself carrying this Summer. Of course, I can't afford it, but you might be able to since it's 50% off! Buy for $168 at Ron Herman.

Never Shop At Soiree, Alexandria, VA

So, we're not even sure if Soiree (not the events planning place) is still in business, but we ordered bridesmaid dresses for my bestie's wedding and they never arrived. Now the lady won't call anyone back and we're going straight through the designer, and I better get a refund for this dress I bought back in January! So, if it's still open, never shop at Soiree located in Old Town Alexandria, Va.

Wet Look Rain Jacket

Wet Look Rain JacketA super high gloss jacket in a fun color is just the thing to get you through April Showers! Buy this one at Nordstrom for $98 ($108 for plus sized). It's also available in white and black.
I have all day meetings, so check out some of the sites in my blog roll if you're bored!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pleated Stitch Detail Skirt

Pleated Stitch Detail SkirtI thought I had posted this skirt before, but I looked back and didn't see, so here it is now! I love the way the detailing looks like steps, interesting without making the skirt look out there. You can buy it at TopShop for £50 or about $100 US Dollars.

Chanel Nail Polish for Fall 2008

Chanel Nail Polish for Fall 2008According to WWD the next Chanel nail polish will be Gold Fiction and will be a more expensive $30! It's a darker, honey gold, which would look great for Fall. Another gold-hued nail shade expected to do well is Kaléidoscope, a shiny green gold. Will you buy into the hype? I probably will, it's hard to resist all that is Chanel!

Kate Spade Sale

Yay, sale at Kate Spade! Get $500 off when you spend more than $250, $75 when you spend more than $350 and $100 off when you spend more than $450. Just enter the code "APRIL08" at checkout before the end of April 21.

Gray Pleated Top

Gray Pleated TopThe bell sleeves on this top are perfectly subtle. This is one of those tops that matches near everything and is still cute, great for a frantically rushed morning after sleeping in. Buy at Bluefly for $42.