Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Talbot's = Fashion Hell?

I admit, I've always had contempt for Talbot's. But when my friend recently said it was full of "old people clothes," I had a sudden urge to prove her wrong. I like to argue with people, which is both one of my best and worst qualities ;)
Anyhoo, I set off on a quest to find some wearable pieces that weren't so basic no one could screw them up. These are the results:
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This brushstroke floral dress rocks two Spring trends in one: painterly and floral. And yet it'll only run you $138, that's only $69 per trend!
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This parasol print skirt is surprisingly similar to a skirt I own! It's fun, colorful and runs you a mere $68.
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These printed sheath dresses are a little "Easter Sunday" but that doesn't mean they aren't cute and fun! And they're each only $110.
While very preppy (can't you see Charlotte from "Sex in the City" in all of these??), Talbot's isn't just for old people! Plus, they get extra points for having most things in petite and plus sizes too. Talbot's, you are officially upgraded to fashion purgatory in my mind!