Monday, June 30, 2008

My Ideal Gym Bag

1. I hate carrying gym bags by the handles, so I have a sling backpack by Adidas. I couldn't find it exactly, but these two are found at eBags.

2. There are now travel kits available with bottles you can fill with your favorite products, or you could go the lazy route and get a tiny gift set with everything you need! But don't forget extra deordorant too. And I prefer Pond's face toilettes over anything else I've tried, especially the exfoliating version!

3. I have a pair of Red Door Salon sandals for my shower shoes, but these St. Tropez flip flops are anti bacterial and anti fungal and have massaging action!

4. When I had short hair I never really thought post-gym styling, but if you're working out during a lunch break you definitely need a wide tooth comb for detangling. There are also mini hair dryers available, but I prefer a wet/dry straightening iron as a quick way to dry. Make sure it's wet/dry, no any old iron. A super absorbent hair towel helps too!

5. As for makeup, I usually have some powder, eyeliner and a curler in my bag, but at the bare minimum I recommend an eyelash curler.