Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CVS Takes on Sephora

Drugstore chain CVS has announced plans to open upscale beauty emporiums — about the size of a Sephora store — filled with previously untouchable department store brands.

To drive home the drugstore chain’s seriousness about tackling prestige beauty, the concept will be called Beauty 360, with no mention of CVS in sight.The first concept store is slated to open by year’s end in a major East Coast city. I'm gonna go ahead a guess New York.

CVS is keeping the brand names to be sold in Beauty 360 a secret, but have acknowledged there are 32 lines, excluding fragrance, across skin care and cosmetics. CVS executives described the lines as “department store or specialty store brands.”

Hmm, what beauty lines have I looked for in Sephora, but didn't find..? Terax (which they USED to carry) and Sonya Dakar come to mind. Maybe we should send in a list of requests for them ;)