Friday, October 24, 2008

Gucci Embroiled in ‘Spy Scandal’

"Prosecutors in Italy suspect Gucci Group staff of breaking into the Ministry of the Interior's data bank. Which means Gucci's got a full-on spy scandal on their hands! We know this is probably a horrible, horrible, annoying thing for Gucci to deal with, but labeling it a "spy scandal" gives it such a James Bond glam quality — and everything Gucci's involved in must be glam, after all. Gucci offices in Italy could be in disarray since prosecutors ordered a search of them this week. Italian authorities have ordered the arrest of seven people they suspect of obtaining information illegally, including Carlo Del Bo, Gucci’s former head of security. A Gucci spokesman said the company must ensure its suppliers don't employ child laborers and make regular tax payments and they don't know how this information is obtained. But many private investigators in Italy are former cops or tax officers, so they could have access to secret data banks and files.

Del Bo's arrest is also connected to a wiretapping scandal. In July it was reported that Alessandra Facchinetti's phone was tapped when she headed design for Gucci, though no one knows why."

I wonder if a Fendi Spy bag was carried throughout the thing!

Via NY Mag