Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Last Minute

So you just realized Halloween is next week and don't have a costume?? I have two possible ideas that are cheap & easy for you!
The first one is a "Prom Night" costume. Just find a cheap evening dress (Forever 21, Charlotte Russe or H&M are good places to look - the one I found is $25 at Wet Seal!), buy some fake blood to splatter all over it, and finish off with some pumps and a tiara!
The second look assumes you already have skinny black pants, a white button down shirt and a blazer. To become Karl Lagerfeld, all you need to add is a tie, some fingerless driving gloves, sunglasses and maybe a few bits of bling. And don't forget the silver hairspray!


Anonymous said...

I was planning on going to a Halloween Party as Lucy Liu. ;)