Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shopping for the Hipster

Shopping for a self-proclaimed "hipster" can be no easy task; anything too trendy is already over for those who scoff at the masses. And don't try a snarky slogan tee, those are more often miss than hit. Here are some gift shopping tips for the fashionable hipster in your life!
  • "Pretty ugly" is always in. You don't have to actually look good to be a fashionable hipster, in fact they usually gravitate towards pretty ugly pieces that won't be worn by the average woman (which is half their appeal in the first place!). Think drop crotch pants, bold, clashing colors, MK Olsen, American Apparel, and insane embellishments like past over-sized to giant fringe or studs.
  • Go for uncommon label whoring. Gucci or Prada? Please! Shop "hipster" labels instead, and no this does not mean Anna Sui! This means Alexander Wang (just barely tho), Elizabeth & James, Rick Owens, Vena Cava, Grey Ant... feel free to go even more obscure/independent with Milne, Orange by Angela Chen, or Fair Ground.
  • Hit up your local thrift store. Anything previously owned and hopefully ill-fit seems to send the hipster's heart aflutter.
  • Look at street fashion blogs for inspiration. I recommend Dublin Streets, Easy Fashion, and Style Arena.
  • Just buy them something from Opening Ceremony! ChloĆ« Sevigny designed a collection for them, what more could you want?
Here are some online stores I recommend checking out: Pixie Market, & Oak. And if you see their face fall when opening your present, just tell them it's "ironic" and they'll immediately fall in love!


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Hi from Paris !
Thanks for the recommendation
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MizzJ said...

Hilarious post! Ah hipsters, you so crack me up... you think you're being so "alternative" when really you are just as much a label-whore as the rest of us.

Deana Morone said...

Enjoyed the article and recommended online stores...Check out and peruse all of the latest unique fashion acessories!!