Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Valentine's Day Gifts for HimEvery Valentines Day I debate on whether I should make a gift guide for men. Because really my site is about clothing, and men mostly want cool gadgets. But I suppose it wouldn't hurt, I definitely have some great ideas! Some of my better ones:
- A Wii is a great compromise. It has some of the most girl friendly games and the Wii Fit! Instead of being ignored, you two can go bowling together.
- A home beer brewing kit is unexpected and another activity you could do together.
- Buy him a foosball table and he will love you forever! They're surprisingly affordable, at least on the low end range.
- Cloud 9 Living has some great experience packages, like this ride in a dragster. They also have motorcycle, golf, food and outdoor adventure packages that would thrill any guy. The big drawback is that it's location limited, like the private DJ lessons in NY I so want.

And of course there are more basic items, briefcases, cuff links, belts, the usual!