Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interview With Matt From Fine and Dandy

I met the gentlemen of Fine And Dandy while in NY for fashion week and I must say Matt & Enrique certainly know how to dress! I had come across their site before and were so fab in person that I decided you all need a quick glimpse into their minds. So here's a Q&A with Matt:
What inspired you to start an online boutique for men's accessories?
I've wanted to open up a storefront shop for menswear with a similar concept for years. With the expense of real estate in NYC, it hasn't been a real possibility. About a year ago I had the idea to give it a try online. It has been a great way for me achieve my goal, however with less risk (I've kept my day job, managing Broadway theatres).

What makes Fine and Dandy special and sets you apart from other stores? targets young men who like to dress up. Affordability has been a major priority for us (currently every item is under $50). We've found that by opening up shop online we've been able to minimize expenses and pass along that savings to our customers. And rather than purely focused on sales we're trying to create a community through our blog, facebook fan page, twitter, and potential upcoming events.

What do you imagine your typical customer to be like?
Me. Young(ish) guys. Maybe a little bit creative, a little bit hip. Who enjoy spending a little bit of time getting dressed each day and appreciate traditional style, yet in a modern way. Labels aren't necessarily important. It's all about how it comes together.

What do you look for when searching for pieces to sell?
Things that I like and I would wear or use. Really is a collection of my favorite things.

What are your top sellers?
We have a basic silver rectangular tie bar that sells very well (we contribute that to the popularity of Mad Men). Also, our Marcoliani socks have done very well.

You were quite dapper when we met! Any style advice for the men out there?

Always try to dress 10% more formal than anyone else in the room. It's better to be overdressed than underdressed. Have fun with what you wear.

What's next for Fine and Dandy??

We hope to work on some custom items just for For example, we have a friend who is an accomplished illustrator and we hope to commission him to create some designs for cufflinks. In the Spring we hope to have a Dandy party in NYC for our customers and friends to dress up and meet each other. And eventually, down the road, open up that storefront.