Monday, March 30, 2009

Life After Out Of Stock

It happens to all of us: we see something we possibly can't live without. It's perfect, it will enhance your life, it's just what you need to round out your closet, it will bring you that much searched for peace of mind you've spent your life looking for! And then... the most dreaded OUT OF STOCK.

You're crushed, food tastes like ash and you wonder "Why bother?"

This happened to me recently. I purchased an Herve Leger dress at Hautelook and just received notification that they will not be able to fulfill my order. I had been waiting all excited for weeks, and now find out I still won't get it - bait and switch! There's a storm cloud following me around, but I must persevere! Here are some thoughts / tips that will keep me going... but just barely!

  • It was not meant to be. Tell yourself that things always happen for a reason. Maybe it would have made you look fat, they would have pinched your toes, maybe it would get ruined on your first wearing. There's gotta be a reason the fashion gods have forsaken you! You just have to have faith.
  • Look at you saving money! If you're a shopaholic like me, your credit card is not always pleased with your actions. Now you can be responsible without meaning to, even if it's against your own will.
  • Now you can buy something else! It helps you look forward to all the purchases you have ahead of you. Not to totally conflict with the point above, I like to treat myself with something much cheaper, but will still lift my mood a little. Because you're WORTH it ;)
Remember that what does not kill you will only make you stronger, and that you can get through anything with the support of your family and friends!


Dream Sequins said...

Sorry to hear that-- but I completely agree with you about the mixed blessing that something OUT OF STOCK means. I was in San Francisco recently, and slid into a Barney's there on a whim-- I was hunting down those $900 Ann Demeulemeester sandals for spring-- and wouldn't you know it- the white backless ones I had been coveting were not in stock. Not even sure if they were planning to stock them at all! So I'm sorry to hear about your dress. But look on the bright side-- if you persist, you WILL find it, and it will make attaining the dress that much sweeter!

Eyeliah said...

Oh, that sucks! Another thing too, you may run into it again who knows. And there are sooo many great clothes out there, like you said you can buy something else! :-)