Monday, April 20, 2009

Eco-Friendly Boutiques and Labels

In celebration of Earth Week, I've collected a list of eco-friendly boutiques and labels that people have recommended to me!

Cosa Verde - kinda like an eco-friendly Etsy!

Nature vs Future - very edgy and futuristic for an eco-friendly line!

Reet Aus - an Estonian design with handmade pieces made from natural fabrics!

Beyond Skin - I've written about this site before, but they really have some of the most beautiful vegan shoes out there!

Zoe & Zac - Line of shoes and accessories that are eco-friendly and being sold at Payless! Hooray affordable!

Stewart + Brown - One of my favorite eco-friendly and fair trade labels, so feminine and sweet!

Envi - a great online boutique with all eco-friendly stuff!