Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Picture Speaks Not Enough Words

I've been getting really annoyed shopping online of late. So many boutiques just never provide enough pictures to get a good sense of the piece you may be considering.

My biggest pet peeve is probably pictures of clothing laid flat or on hangers - seriously guys, how am I supposed to see its real silhouette?? I look uniformly terrible in shift dresses, but if it's laid down how am I suppose the tell the difference between that and its less voluminous sister, the sheath dress?

I also really hate just one picture. If I can't see the back of a piece, I refuse to buy it, period. It would be nice to see it from the side as well. Luckily, most stores understand this and get at least a front / back view up. Even worse is when there are multiple color options with one picture! No, having boxes showing the color options does NOT make up for it.

There are some sites that seem more interested in creating an "arty" persona than showing you the clothing. This is not an editorial people, this is an online catalog!

Finally, I hate not getting a sense of size. Many sites selling jewelry and purses will provide measurements, but I really like to see proportions. Are those mini, regular or over-sized earrings? Will that purse fit under my shoulder? These are questions immediately answered with the right picture.

I know it's additional costs to put up more shots, but the added value will keep your customers happy and your sales up!


Rayven said...

What earrings are those in the pic? Although I have a feeling they aren't as large as they seem.

Cafe Fashionista said...

So, so true. I could not agree more. Honestly, I think that I would buy so many more things online if stores showed the items (as well as their size) more accurately.