Monday, July 20, 2009

The Fashion Show Finale

While "The Fashion Show" felt a bit like a knockoff of "Project Runway," I do think they produced some good designers! In the finale, four people showed on TV: Daniella, Reco, Anna and James Paul. By now I'm going to assume you've all caught up, so sorry if I have any spoilers for you!
Daniella's inspiration was medieval armor. She nailed the look for Fall'09. Of course, it shouldn't be that hard, considering it's just a few months away and everyone has already shown their Fall '09 collections. So I wasn't that impressed with her getting the right mood: tough luxe, futuristic rock, hello shoulders. I did love her unique way of emphasizing the shoulder = leather caps! As a mere 22 years old, she shows the sophistication and skill of a designer 3 times older! But I really hate how she doesn't want a woman's curves to "interfere" with a design; a good designer should work with curves to make something beautiful! If that's what she really wants she should create clothes to hang in frames on the wall :P
Anna had been my favorite, but I just wasn't that into her collection. Almost everyone else seemed to love the individual looks, and I did appreciate the color and use of prints. But, while everyone else called her collection "wearable," I didn't find it very flattering. And her wave dress reminded me too much of PR's Leanne! Her collection as a whole wasn't very cohesive or innovative, in my humble opinion :P
I had been a fan of Reco for not being fake, and I just really disappointed in his final collection. It was Aztec-inspired and tres high-drama. But who wants to look like Big Bird's South American cousin to a gala (besides a Housewife of New Jersey, apparently). And the model could barely walk in his last dress, a mermaid-y wedding gown. Poor Reco, already out of the running, but definitely the right call by the judges.
James Paul
I always thought James Paul seemed sweet but had a completely different brain process than the average person. "Indiginous people wearing Western clothing" huh? I thought he was going to blow it, but was pleasantly surprised at his work! If you really know me, you know that I find a lot of inspiration in the clothes Milla Jovovich did for "Resident Evil," the wardrobe in "Tank Girl," "Mad Max,"etc. Well James Paul's collection felt very post-apocalyptic chic to me and I loved it! I'm especially obsessed with finding a similar belt harness accessory like the ones he used.
So did you vote for your favorite? Who do YOU think is going to win, and is that who you WANT to win?


Style Geek said...

I really like James Paul but I have a feeling Daniella is gonna win because of her line's sellibility, which I don't really like because I hated her attitude towards curves and in general...

Anonymous said...

well, James-Paul was my favorite from the start. The winner was so unsophisticated and Target looking, very cheap. The people who bought it probably ask them selves now "Why the hell did I buy this shit?"
Daniella's shoulder trick looks like dildos cut in half. James-Paul's was a true collection, wearable with different pieces to one's wardrobe, looking back now James-Paul should have won.....