Monday, July 20, 2009

Finding A New Stylist

Last week I cheated on my hair dresser! I feel totally ashamed and very satisfied at the same time.. oh my! But it was a huge step for me and something I highly recommend trying. People tend to get into hair dresser ruts they know you and how your hair falls, the best way to style it, how you style it... there are so many reasons to stay with the same stylist once you get comfortable. But it's so important to shake things up! Sometimes a new perspective can result in a great cut you'd never imagine for yourself.

And my experience at the Noufal Haircolor Studio in Northern VA was amazing! The hairdresser, Sylvia, really listened to what I wanted and gave me tons of advice on how to style my new look! I was really scared about trying out a new salon, but it came so highly recommended. I'm glad I took the risk of going to a new place - I already made another appointment with my brand spanking new stylist! Now do I "break up" with my old stylist?

Since my previous salon was more than 30 minutes away (a pretty good reason to switch in itself!), I'm not very concerned about bumping into her at the grocery store or the like. But I've been seeing her for almost 7 years, and it does feel terrible to just stop going there without an explanation. But what would I even say?
I think I'll just stop going, no Dear John letter needed. I wasn't a every 2-3 months girl anyway, randomly appearing perhaps two or three times a year. But if you have a close relationship with your hair dresser outside the salon, than you may want to say something. Don't outright lie (ie say you're moving), but perhaps say you need to find a cheaper or closer place (which could actually be true, like in my case!). Try to emphasize the positive, but remember to be honest about feedback, otherwise they will continue to make the same mistakes with their next client!

But most importantly... what does everyone think of my new, angled haircut???


WendyB said...

I've always liked angled cuts -- I think it's great!

Dream Sequins said...

I love it. It's subtle. Makes me want to get a bob. Sigh!

Eyeliah said...

It's a bit edgy, I like it.