Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Things To Buy Before I Hit 30

Everyone has a list like this, places to go before you turn 50, a "bucket list" of things to do before you kick it, etc. Well, it sounds shallow and superficial (and by "sounds" I mean "is"), but I have a list of things I want to buy before I enter my next decade. With the help of sample sales I have actually made some progress on this over the past years of fashion blogging, so here's what I have in my closet right now:

  • A DVF wrap dress - totally classic, super flattering and mine has a fab star print that I adore.
  • A quilted Chanel purse - I got mine for more than 80% off due to the fab Portero Private (use invite code "FASSHONABURU" to get in on this action!)
  • Chanel glasses - mine tint in the sun so they can be sunglasses too! Hooray for eye insurance!
  • Anything by Marc Jacobs - my Marc Jacobs misplaced heels continue to provide me hours of amusement!
  • A YSL Y-Mail accessory - while a clutch would have been fab, my wallet is super cute and much more affordable... thanks eBay!
  • A pair of Cole Haan pumps - Not nearly as comfortable as I was hoping, but they certainly suffice
  • Something designer & leather - My leather leggings by The Row cost more than anything else I've ever bought that doesn't have a roof.
So what do I have left on my list? Oh my, it's rather daunting to see written out, time to push the age back to 40?
  • A pair of Christian Louboutin pumps
  • A pair of Lanvin ballet flats
  • A Burberry trench coat
  • A Dolce & Gabbana bustier/corset style top or dress
  • A Missoni knit item
  • An Hervé Léger Bandage dress
  • A long Chanel necklace, preferably pearls
  • An Hermés scarf
  • A pair of skinny, petite sized designer jeans
I'd like to think everything on my list is timeless, truly investment pieces I could possibly give to my daughter one day! Well, except for the shoes, I plan to buried with all of them (most likely under them :P)! Am I missing something obvious? I decided I could live without a Birkin bag, but perhaps you disagree? What are some of the items you just need to buy in your lifetime?


mensfashiondeals said...

Shallow? Never. I like the idea of making a list of things to get before you're thirty. Sure it might not be as meaningful as a "things to accomplish before I'm thirty list" ... but it's just as important.

Idstyle said...

I love this bucket wish list idea, i am going to compile mine now and get to work on acquiring them. Plus classic designer items are such nice heirlooms to leave behind.

WendyB said...


Vyque said...

OMG, Wendy, I totally fail, I am nothing but an utter disappointment to myself, how could I forget??

Unfunded said...

This is such a rad idea!! I want to start one....

Kat said...

Hi there! Thanks for sharing your wonderful list. Lovely things as is your blog!