Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Norma Kamali: The Democratization of Fashion

Alyssa and I went to this really cool Norma Kamali event at the Apple Store in Soho, where she was actually there, speaking about how technology is changing the fashion industry. She spoke on how people now needed immediate access to fashion information at any price to everyone around the world instantly. She's now in Walmart and has designed a special collection just for eBay! "I see myself rethinking my retail presence," she said. "If I can do all of this anybody can do it! Kamali now is using Apple applications like 'skyping' to give her consumers a 'try before you buy' experience with her staff.

"Last fall I felt the impact of chance happening – less people were coming into the store. Everybody was starting to be frightened. I started to get really nervous." She said. She went on about how she saw her clothing being sold on eBay and pretty much decided to cut out the middle man - pretty savvy! Outside her signature collection, NK for Walmart and the eBay collection were being shown. We were a little late, but luckily they all posed together afterwards. The rain was inconvenient, but the models persevered. You can actually buy these pieces now, which is definitely where I see the industry going. I barely remember the fall shows from six months ago, let alone what pieces I coveted!