Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September Fashion - Why So Important?

Every year people freak out over the September issues of Vogue, Bazaar, W, Elle, Marie Clair, etc. They're usually the biggest of the year and have the most competition for the cover. The September issue of 2007 was Vogue's biggest in its 117-year history, and it provides the backdrop to RJ Cutler's new documentary, "The September Issue," about the inner workings of the magazine.

And while 2009 has seen the Sep. issues slimming back down due to the economy, it's still considered the beginning of the new year for fashion. I personally adore spring fashion, the floaty frocks, strappy sandals and brighter colors, but Feb. is never taken as seriously as Sep. And I've always wondered why that is.

I suppose this is partially due to the fact that fall provides big ticket items such as boots, coats, holiday party dresses and the like. But I think the big reason is the lingering mentality of back-to-school shopping. Right now was the time to purchase your wardrobe for the upcoming school year, picking out fabulous new shoes, chic sweaters, a backpack no one else had. Things I don't have fond memories of since I wore a uniform! And we certainly weren't allowed to take liberties a la "Gossip Girl!" I must be making up for all that lost shopping time now...


Dream Sequins said...

Haven't seen that movie yet-- but I'm dying to see what it's about!

As for September issues being important-- might have to do with the fact that they drive the end of the fiscal year and project pre-holiday spending a little?? My business-side guess.

Birdie! said...

I'd totally agree with Dream Sequins on the fiscal end. A lot of companies roll over in the beginning of the year (as far as Feb) so they may be using up budgets, or skimp a little to make the big push at the end of the year.

There is just so much more to the F/W wardrobe. Coats and boots are big ticket items. Floaty frocks won't necessarily bring in the same kind of cash, and there's not as many layers to buy.

Kristen said...

I always get the "back to school" shopping bug in september even though i am not in school anymore. I think it is because i love fall fashion. The weather is cool enough you can make use of great layering without having to cover everything up with a big parka.

Also cannot wait to see the september issue!