Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Top Fashion Week Trends for Spring 2010

I'm really trying to drill down and spot new trends for Spring 2010, not the same ol' same ol' of sequins, leather, menswear, metallics, blah de blah. It's not a trend if it's in every single season, dammit! And while tribal / safari was big, it's big every spring so I've purposely left it off my list too. Without further a-rant:
Printed Pants
This was the first trend I noticed during fashion week, mostly because I highly dislike it! There were some subtle prints, but also a lot of splashy, bold ones that I cannot get behind. Perhaps the look will grow on me, like harem pants did...
No Pants
I blame Lady Gaga! I don't really see this every translating to reality, but you'd be surprised people are willing to wear to stand out! Lots of leotards and high-waisted granny panties means maybe I should break down and buy some Spanx. Or at least start doing hamstring curls again!
Tie Dye / Watercolor / Rorschach-like Prints
There was a lot of watercolor-inspired prints, most notably tons of tie dye! It would range from subtle and dark (leave it to Elyse Øverland and Vena Cava to have moody tie dye) to acid bright. I was surprised at how non-boho it felt, lots of very fresh takes!
Go Team!
I was really surprised at the number of athletic-inspired collections during fashion week... how many designers do YOU think were on a varsity team? Stereotypes aside, Alexander Wang and Alexandre Herchcovitch both had football inspirations, and Y-3 ended their show with models kicking soccer balls into a net! Lots of sweatshirt material all over, great for DIY-ers out there. Just find an old pair of sweats and cut it up into something new and shiny!

Asymmetrical Straps
Probably my favorite trend of fashion week was all the layered tops with straps haphazardly going everywhere! It's a very deconstructed, edgy feel and a pretty easy look to create on your own. Time to re-purpose old tank tops!

I feel like these are some of the new trends that came out of fashion week, did I miss anything??


WendyB said...

I am pretty damn sure I don't want any football-inspired clothing.

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Dang, I guess I'll have to get behind the symmetrical look. Everything else they are pushing ain't happening, especially the no pants look. I think only Lady GaGa can get away with that. But, great post and good info.

Kaitlin said...

Great summary! I really love the asymmetrical trend esp. the "top" featured in the bottom left of your collage - which collection is that from? I think items like that/"body cages" might be big. I want to do a diy of them. I really love this one by Mark Fast http://bacn.me/e5i

Vyque said...

Kaitlin, you must do a DIY and let me know! That top was from VPL's spring '10 show :)