Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Shopping for the Drunk Tart

If you know who took this photo let me know and I will credit themI finally get to continue in my "Shopping For..." series! Check out my Shopping for the Spoiled Teen and Shopping for the Hipster gift guides I did last December!

Every group has a lush or two, I personally have an entirely separate group of friends consisting of party grrrrrls. So what can you buy the Amy Winehouse in your life that won't get lost, smashed or vomited upon? Here are some ideas:

  1. A going out bag they won't lose. The Alexander McQueen Glove Clutch comes to mind, but I've seen lots of cute clutches with cuffs attached. Alexander Wang also has a fanny pack which is certainly a... unique way to keep your belongings secure. I'm still holding out for the Chanel ankle purse - one day it will be mine!
  2. Foot Petals. Clubbing shoes hurt, help her get relief! Most importantly are the sole treds so she won't have to worry when she's dancing on banquettes at 2 AM!
  3. Underwear. Sick of trying to Photoshop your girls' night photos into something at least PG 13? Get that girl some undergarments!! Really every girl needs a convertible bra anyway. Or how about some Commando thongs, no "still leaves a panty line" excuse now! And Hollywood has a great line of fashion tape and nipple concealers that I couldn't live without.
  4. Walk of shame kit. So she wakes up and needs to make a walk of shame back home? Make it a little less shameful with a make-up eraser pen to control those previously smokey now raccoon eyes! And clean underwear always makes you feel better, how about some Flingz disposable thongs? I usually don't have much room in my going out purse, but perhaps she can squeeze in a pair of fold up flats as well. Yosi Samra has a great pair for only $50!
  5. Skin care. All that partying takes a serious toll on her looks, particularly skin! Get her creams and gels to combat her constant dehydration, calm puffy eyes and aging before its time skin.
Here are some fun options for you:


kristophine said...

I LOVE IT. I wish they'd had disposable thongs back in my party-girl days.