Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Shopping for the Geek Chic Girl

As readers of my blog, you know that I adore all things fashionable! But few of you know that I'm also one of the geekiest girls out there! From comic books to Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figures to video gaming, it sometimes feels like I have a split personality! On the plus side, shopping for me is pretty easy, as I have so many interests. Now finding me something that combines my interests... well here are some fun ideas!
  1. A graphic tee. You would think it was the easiest option, just find a tee with some nerdy slogan on it, right? WRONG! If you go the t-shirt route, it has to be visually cool looking, witty or "insider." For example, J!nx has a World of Warcraft Brewfest tee - without looking closely, most people wouldn't even realize it was gamer-related! I would definitely check out Think Geek, which has a Sunnydale High tee (!!!! already in my cart!!!!), Planet Express tee, etc. Lordy, I love imaginary products from geeky tv shows tees!
  2. Geek-inspired jewelry. Jewelry, due to its usually small size, can be a little more obviously geek, like a Pacman ring! Steampunk jewelry is also fun, think pseudo-Victorian mechanical - gears, brass, polished wood.
  3. A gadget / designer collaboration. The Vivienne Tam netbook comes to mind first, but HP has another mini laptop designed by Tord Boontje that has pretty floral scripting etched all over the case. For a gift under $100, Juicy Couture has some cute Scottie dog shaped iPod speakers, awww. And I'm still waiting for my unlocked Prada phone... thanks!
  4. A gadget bag. A slick laptop case is obvious, but if anyone could find the Stella McCartney Losina Patent Camera Bag on eBay for me, I would love you forever!!! Mulberry just released a line of laptop and iPod / iPhone cases you should check out!
  5. Leather. In general, leather is heavily features in sci-fi and fantasy wardrobes. One of the main reason I bought my leather leggings was because when I wear them I feel like I can take on a hoard of zombies / vampires / orcs /you get the idea. Look for basic, utilitarian or military-inspired pieces. And if it's by Rick Owens, you're a shoo-in for best gifter ever!
I was going to put a disclaimer for family and friends about how this wasn't my own personal wishlist, but looking back I would be pleased with any of this, ha!


Unknown said...

I enjoyed to read this post! I consider myself as a fashion geek, too. My (fashion-aside) interests are more about learning, reading, going to the library, grades...geeky without any further explanations!!
Lovely greetings,

Lilly :D

Treacle said...

I love leggings! Have you heard of Black Milk? He's an indie Australian designer who does pretty much nothing but rad leggings and honestly believe he's going to be the next big thing.

By the way, I hope this is all right...there's a lingerie giveaway contest happening at the blog and I'd be delighted if you enter! :-)


Midnight Cowgirl said...

Great gift ideas! I love the Pacman ring!

K8 said...

I'm very much the same way, party shoe/jewelry obsessed and makeup appreciating girlie girl, and part sports fan/movie and game fanatic. I have soo many interests I always think that my mom should have an easy time shopping for me, but she never knows what to get. I love all of your gift idead :)

Fashion X K8.blogspot.com

Ana said...

Great Post! I love leather too.

I have gotten a lot of super cool geek chic accessories at Etsy , my favorite is my micro-mechanical butterfly necklace crafted by