Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Fashion Education: Rodarte

I like to discuss up and coming designers, but it never ceases to amaze me how many DC locals have never heard of brands I consider established! I find it tres frustrating when I'm discussing fashion with a friend or co-worker and they get confused once I go beyond Prada, Chanel or Marc Jacobs (not that there's anything wrong with those fab brands)! So I'm starting a new series, A Fashion Education, in the hopes that people will become more familiar with "consumer-unfriendly" brands.
First up is Rodarte. Designed by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, it's possibly my favorite label. Coming into existence in 2005, they have since won the 2008 CFDA Swarovski Emerging Womenswear Designer award, the 2008 Swiss Textiles Award, and a passionate fan base, including Anna Wintour, Natalie Portman, Chloƫ Sevigny and many more.
While their look is certainly recognizable, with almost incomprehensible detailing and romantically draped chiffon contrasted with deconstructed, tough accents, the label is constantly innovative and driving many of the fashion trends you see today. So, no you can't afford a wardrobe of their collections (I wish!), but you can find inspiration.

The spring '10 collection was a futuristic tribal mix, with touches of goth. Inspired by Death Valley, it was about how someone could "be scarred and still beautiful."

You may know the name from their Target collaboration, which sold out all over NYC. Here in DC, it wasn't quite as popular, so if you're desperately looking for pieces on eBay you should have me check first! If you want the real deal, try Opening Ceremony or a trip to NYC!

I'm wondering if I can sharpie on those arm tattoos for NY Fashion Week...

All Images via NY Magazine


Piper Larson said...

Love Rodarte! And you're absolutely right...as I discuss brands like this with some of my friends, their immediate response is "who?"

Very informative article!
XO Piper

k said...

I die over them