Monday, January 18, 2010

Label to Watch: Tucker by Gaby Basora

After hearing that Tucker by Gaby Basora would be one of the next labels to do a collection for Target, I decided we would all learn about her. This way we can be contemptuous of other people who aren't familiar with the line when it comes out!
Designer Gaby Basora is based in NYC and started her own collection three years ago, after being a successful stylist. According to her site, she's know for great prints and silk blouses.
The prints really are quite fabulous, so I'm quite excited to see what her collection for Target will look like! Kudos for them for taking a risk with an up and coming designer!

If you can't possibly wait (no word when the collection will be out, but I would bet on May or June as Zac Posen will be out April 25), you can find Tucker at Barney's, Net-A-Porter, ShopBop and more! So say it with me, " You DON"T know about Tucker by Gaby Basora?!?!"