Friday, January 29, 2010

My Fashion Challenge: Day Two

While I don't plan on posting my looks daily, I do think yesterday's look was close to a win for me! I managed to keep my relatively clean style without sacrificing a fashionable look! And while my jewelry was NOT changed, which I really need to make myself do, I managed to take my look to the next level with my beret! Now I just need to teach my friends to hold the camera lower when taking a shot of me so my legs don't disappear! What do you guys think of my ensemble?


amandalee said...

Love that jacket! Who made it?

Great ensemble. :-D

Vyque said...

Thanks! Hmm, I know I got it at Urban Outfitters, so it's probably safe to guess Silence & Noise!

M said...

luv the star print tank I've been craving stars for some time now but haven't been abble to find any on the stores