Friday, February 26, 2010

Fave Fashion Week Trends for Fall 2010

Have you ever noticed how people always desperately want to pick out a color or two to be a trend, but when you look at top trends lists everyone's got a different one? Let it go people, red will be a trend the same way sweaters or ponytails are. You might as well be saying "Fabric is so hot right now!" Sorry, pet peeve and I had to rant (like I do every time!).

Anyhoo, here are some of my favorite trends from Fall 2010 Fashion Week:
This was close to "it's never really out" in my head, but it was so everywhere when it hadn't been in previous seasons (like fur and leather) that I just cannot ignore it! Just a few designers who featured it included Rachel Roy, Elise Overland, Alexander Wang, Zac Posen, Thakoon... Velvet is romantic, luxurious, and a bit gothic, I wonder if it's subconsciously due to the vampire craze that's swept the world...

The Minikilt
Make no mistake, this schoolgirl is much tougher than previous incarnations! I think it started with the 3.1 Philip Lim pleated leather skirt, which caused many a fashionista to swoon. I totally plan to rock this look come fall!
Graffiti Splatter
This seems like a slight evolution from tie dye (so hot right now) to a more urban, painterly feel. They're particularly edgy in pants, and a little softer in long maxi dresses.
Pieced Together Patchwork
I was really surprised at how UN Holly Hobby this turned out to be! It's like a challenge of "Project Runway" - create a final look for you collection using your leftover scraps! I'm particularly fond of the mixed prints and textures - partially because it looks fun and quirky but mostly because I'm too lazy to mix my own prints!

Did I miss anything good? What were some of your favorite trends for Fall 2010?

Some images by Vyque, Alyssa or Kathy, some by

Christian Cota F/W '10

Christian Cota was a new name to me until I received an invitation to his Fashion Week presentation last season. I happily went to check it out and immediately fell in love with the line. In six short months Cota's designs have garnered a lot more attention in the United States, and its easy to see why.

I really need to have both of these outfits!

Clearly Christian Cota has a sense of humor. He presented his line with an army of models standing on raised platforms. With perhaps, a piquant wink to that most powerful of editors, each model wore an identical Anna Wintour-like Bob wig. Maybe they brought some good luck, because Wintour herself attended the presentation, receiving a personal tour of each of the looks from Cota.

Yeah, definitely need this one too, thanks.

The "Cubist way of seeing" was the inspiration for the Fall line. Cota took a more graphic, geometric approach to the construction of the garments, breaking down curves and drapery into straight lines and angles. Abstract patterns of mineral tones printed on black reminded me of colorful, layered bands of sedimentary rock. The result is an edgier, tougher look for Fall that still feels dressy. There were so many pieces I would just die to own. This collection was right up my alley. Better start saving my pennies!

View our Christian Cota Fall '10 slideshow below:

Miele by Carlos Miele F/W '10

Carlos Miele is a Brazilian designer known for his sexy and sophisticated clothing. Earlier in the week he had a runway show with refreshingly bright, vivid colors for Fall.

Later he had a presentation at his New York store for Miele, his lower priced contemporary line. While not as colorful there were some bright vivid turquoise dresses, and the makeup on the models made up for any lack of color in the clothes. I loved the turquoise blue lips! With lots of shiny hardware, the still sexy Miele line would make rocking girl's night out on the town clothes. You would be sure to turn lots of heads!

Get all the looks below:

My Fashion Challenge: Striped Knit Cardigan

Last night I went the to Lucky Magazine Style Spotter event at Cusp in DC, where I met Fashion is Spinach and managed to spend waaaaaaay too much money that I don't have! I ended up with both the cardigan, which I plan to pair with printed tops and neon colors a la techno nomad, and the skinny black pants from J Brand because, well, just look what they did to my legs!

I know I'll have trouble pairing the cardigan with other prints, so please, please, please give me ideas on tops that it will work with! I tried it on this morning with an Asian-inspired, green floral top and I think it worked... I'll have to post and get your feedback.

Vassilios Kostetsos F/W '10

Vassilios Kostetsos is a Greek designer, so it makes sense that his Fall collection was inspired by the ancient Greek drama "Antigone". The bold colors were meant to symbolize various aspects of the drama from love and passion, to death and battle. Although inspired by ancient Greek literature, this was Greek antiquity as interpreted by a brash and confident civilization of the future.

photo: Modern Glossy by Stevyn Llewellyn

The show opened and closed with the sounds of a woman in the throes of orgasmic fulfillment (I guess she really liked the collection). The models charged down the runway in shiny patent leather, boldly colored leather, and snakeskin pieces. The armor of bygone Greek soldiers turned futuristic in greave-live metallic forearm cuffs, large structural shoulders and epaulets, and collars that tightly hugged the neck. Hellenic art was wrapped, sheer and tattoo-like, around arms and legs.

The show took place late in the evening, and it was clear that many of the attendees were worn out and exhausted beforehand. It is a credit to Kostetsos that afterward the audience seemed enthusiastic and revived by what they had seen.

See all the collection below. Unfortunately my camera did not react too fondly to taking pictures over someone's head from the second row. My camera is such a diva.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Georgetown Style Spotter Event

Hey my fabulous DC ladies! Lucky Magazine and CUSP Georgetown are having an event tonight where you can shop and post for their new social network, Style Spotter. Will I see any of you there?? Be sure to RSVP!

Thursday, February 25th
6-8 PM
3030 M Street, NW
Washington , DC 20007

New Sorel Boots

I've been whining about cold toes this winter, particularly after the five zillion feet of snow DC got and didn't know what to do with! Luckily for me, Sorel sent me these great winter boots, with Thinsulate lining - something I've loved ever since my first J. Crew coat! Whenever I get new boots, this quote from Rachel on friends runs through my head "These are my I don't need a job, I don't need a man,I don't need my dad because I have new boots, boots!" Yay!

Brown anything is a bit out of my comfort zone, which is perfect for really pushing my fashion choices! I decided to take inspiration from the boho hipsters and paired the boots with black tights and some winter florals. I always forget about this dress, which is odd since I wore it to my 8th grade graduation!!! Do I dare...
BAHAHAHA! See kids, proof that you can be at nerd level "Holy Hell" and still end up ok!

Japanese Fashion Week Preview

I got to see a preview from some of the designers that will be showing during Japanese Fashion Week. It was certainly interesting, it showcased looks from aptform, CHAOLU lab, MIKIO SAKABE, Naoshi Sawayanagi, SHIDA TATSUYA, The Dress & Co. by HIDEKI SAKAGUCHI, tiny dinosaur, and YU. Each designer showed three looks.

My favorite is Shida Tatsuya; the fur coats were draped so beautifully and almost casually, even though I'm not a huge fan of fur. And they were paired with what looked like tights that wrapped over that practical or just a show piece?

Winter to Spring '10

Winter to Spring
I am currently horribly obsessed with camo print pants, which you've maybe noticed growing for the past six months or so. Luckily, it's tres chic right now, thanks to trendsetter du jour, Balmain. So I've decided to use a pair as inspiration for my dream winter to spring transition outfit!

So what to pair with skinny camo jeans? I immediately knew I wanted some Camilla Skovgaard sandals, I am also obsessed with the amazing tread she's been using. It matches the vibe without feeling costumey.

I continued staying out of my comfort zone by choosing a blue top. It's still basic, but not easy. Then I saw the vest, which looked sooo soft and cozy. Imagine my surprise to find out it's made of pleated lace, how cool is that? Lace usually makes one think of stiff and a little scratchy, so it's neat to see in a different light.

Finally, the accessories! Of course a statement necklace, I would say definitely still hot. This one is big, but its clear color makes it super wearable. Also, I love how its inherent glamour contrast with the military, utilitarian outfit. Some cashmere fingerless gloves, again a mix of tough and luxe, a denim shoulder bag and some Ray-Ban clubmasters top off this Satorialist-ready look.

Now I just need to find this outfit for under $100 in total... le sigh!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Fashion Challenge: Red Shoes

I really almost paired this blush and black Eva Franco dress, black cardigan from J. crew and black tights with some black booties! Thankfully I came to my senses at the last minute and threw on my red pumps from Zara, otherwise the only color in my outfit would have been my hilariously hideous yellow nails. I wish I could wear hats at the office, because doesn't this look totally need one? Or perhaps a bright belt around the waist... would it have to be red??

Irina Shabayeva F/W '10

If you are a Project Runway fan, then you know that Irina Shabayeva was the winner of Season 6. This season she made her suitably sensational debut at New York Fashion Week. The collection was inspired by the evolution of flight, with inspiration drawn from Amelia Earhart, the Da Vinci Glider and the original flying machines, birds.

I love the bold black and white contrast and dimensional drapery of this look.

Pieces ranged from dramatic wearable pieces to theatrical avant-garde dresses incorporating plastics from sponsor Tupperware. The inspiration of flight was apparent as feathers and wings were featured in almost all the runway looks, whether printed on the garments or in dresses constructed entirely in actual feathers.

This dress was the final piece, and everything you see is feathers!

I think that Irina put together a notable collection that really announced her as a designer to watch. With outside the box designs, and exquisite attention to detail, I look forward to seeing what she "takes flight" with next (ahhh, cheesy pun, I couldn't help myself!).

Check out the entire collection below. If you want to buy items from her previous collection, they are available on Irina Shabayeva's website.

Independant Fashion Blogger Conference

The Independent Fashion Blogger Conference: Evolving Influence during fashion week was such a highlight! Not only did I get to see some of my awesome friends, but I liveblogged the Fashion 2.0: The Business of Blogging panel AND watched The Future of Fashion Blogging with BryanBoy, Tavi, Susie Bubble, Phil from Street Peeper and Britt and Lauren of Fashionista!

To recap Fashion 2.0: The Business of Blogging, it was all about taking your blog from fun side hobby to full time job - definitely something I'm interested in! It focused on building good relationships with brands, ad networks and affiliate programing and creating good content so that people will actually come to your site!

The Future of Fashion Blogging definitely focused on how fashion blogs as a channel are developing, whether traditional media really do hate us, all the good juicy stuff you know you care about! I cannot possibly describe it in justice, so here is a video by Violetville - yes she uploaded the whole thing in parts!

I learned so much, so my brain needed some time off! Cue the Couturious Afterparty, where I mingled with my friends, met super awesome new people, took fun pictures and maybe made embarrassing promises :O

Wendy B, Tavi and our glorious leader, Jennine!
Flipinos unite! Me and BryanBoy
Alyssa is "smizing"I met Star von Bunny!!!! I can die happy now :)

pamella roland F/W '10

The pamella roland collection was inspired by classic Venetian glamour, with rich, uber-luxe fabrics and sparkly accents that completely distracted meat time... ohhh so pretty! I mean, can you see jewel encrusted legwarmers and tights??? Talk about opulence! There was a lot of jewel tone fabrics, rich metallics and textured blacks. The gowns were, of course, to die for. Shiri Appleby, Alfre Woodard, and Brooke Shields were all there, I imagine they'd want to rock some of these regal looks on the red carpet! And that killer wedding dress she sent out last... I just die, really.
It's easy to forget she also sent out some great sportswear pieces, I was especially drawn to her white cashmere and wool separates and dress. There's just not enough white in my wardrobe, is there...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kardashians by bebe

Kardashians by bebe (pronounced "bay bay" or "bee bee?" no one agrees and I need to know!) is a collection inspired by Kim, Kourtney and Khloe - NOT actually designed by them. I wonder if they had any input in the creative process at all?

A "Jersey Shore" J-WOWW sighting, in a Christian Audigier (are you at all surprised?)! Also there was Jay Manuel and Kim herself in one of the look, a gray, hoodie dress with leatherette corset.
The collection was exactly what you would expect when you think of a bebe line inspired by the Kardashians, and yet in a surprisingly good way! Very bodycon, but not trashy, a good amount of tough leather worked in, strong shoulders, overall a great mix of everyday and clubwear. I really loved the few pops of fuschia, which made me think of their jaunt in Miami, and the army green silk twill pieces, which were so on the money for this spring. What I loved about this collection was that you can actually shop it NOW as opposed to waiting six months, though it looks like a ton of stuff is sold out already - let's hope they re-stock!

Schumacher F/W '10

It's possible that this collection is one of my favorites I've seen this season. Schumacher is a German label with pieces sold in stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Takashimaya in NYC and Marissa Collections in FL. This collection, named "Rebels, Rule Breakers, and True Romantics", focuses on unexpected pairings of fabrics, like a tweed jacket with a metallic finish, a neoprene tank top with fur trim, and silk and lace tops with leather details. I love the lace top with leather shoulders and the cashmere sweater with lurex...that sweater is amazingly and deceivingly soft.
Oh, and check out the adorable knee-high socks embellished with rhinestones! Many thanks to Anne-Kathrin for being such a gracious host at the presentation.

Runway photos courtesy of Schumacher.

Tom Scott F/W '10

After meeting up at an earlier show, Deanne, editor of one of my favorite fashion blogs, Dream Sequins, took me along on a mini tour of a few of her favorite spots to shop, eat (incredible ramen followed by exquisite cupcakes), and finally, a stop at the presentation for designer Tom Scott.

Exceptionally creative presentations are so exciting to me (I'm still kicking myself for not tagging along with Vyque to Rachel Antonoff's amazing presentation) and Tom Scott is known for his inventive venues, having apparently housed previous presentations in an abandoned dry cleaners and a Chelsea Hotel Suite. This time, with a line entitled "Hair Culture," the line was presented at Beauty Bar, a former 1940's beauty salon that now has a saloon style bar as well. It truly felt like we had just wandered into a salon filled with stylish young, artsy New Yorkers hanging out while waiting to get their hair did.

The inspiration for the collection itself came from a 1921 hair how-to book Tom Scott picked up on ebay as well as the work of artists Ellen Gallagher, Erich Steinbrecher, and photographer Okhai Ojeikere, along with other found images. With an emphasis on knit pieces, there were shaggy sweaters and sweaters with hanging loops of thread, big hanging pom-poms, or giant bobble stitches, all reflected again in the model's hair styles. Slashed cashmere pieces and hair inventively accessorized with metal hair clips added a touch of punk rock sensibility.

See the whole slideshow:

Rad Hourani F/W '10

Rad Hourani was another show that was a bit of a mess, PR-wise. I got a "Save The Date" email, and so RSVPed. Than, at around 1 AM the night before the show I get an email saying they cannot accommodate me. Since I had gotten the email. I assumed it was a mistake and went to the show. When I get there I'm informed that they sent out the "Save the Date" to everyone and their mother and that it's not technically an invite - well then! I did manage to get in, and even snag an empty seat right before the show started, but I could tell that a lot of people were insulted. On the plus side, I saw Julia Frakes (and got a way blurry picture of her, sorry) and she told me my coonskin hat made her day - huzzah!
As for the clothing, I've always been drawn to the futuro goth vibe that Rad Hourani embodies. His clothing is always unisex, has a lean silhouette, and is heavy on black and hardware embellishments. This collection was a little monotonous and hard to catch detail in the all-black palette, but beautifully executed. I heard later that there was one jacket shown ten times and worn ten different ways, now that's an investment piece. Did it turn into some of the super cute bags I saw, because I would die of want! I think there's a good chance this label will continue to grow and gain fans, as long as they start treating their current fans with a little more appreciation!

Peter Jensen F/W '10

Peter Jensen told the story of a fictional academy, Marica Blaine's School in Ediburgh, giving "Gossip Girl" a UK spin. Very schoolgirl and -boy chic, the clothing showed the "fortitude of of gray wartime London." Imagine waxed cotton rain gear, Scottish tartans, many a blazer and an outstanding print of tiny British Royal Guards.
The Cardigans performed, but refused to sing Lovefool. For whhhhhyyy?? Tavi attended, but almost no one noticed her tiny self hunched down in the crowded room. I saw some seamed back hose, and went bonkers for a red seamed version (hose itself still a sheer nude). The tights were all Pamela Mann, if you want to get a pair yourself! I also really loved the work put into the backdrop / set, which was a detailed school hallway by Charlotte Mann (no idea if they're related or not).

Glemaud & Stærk F/W '10

Camilla Stærk and Victor Glemaud are besties that I guess presented their collections together for fashion week. Stærk is Danish, and does a dark, futuristic goth styled womenswear line. Glemaud, who does menswear, tends to be a bit "tropical dandy" so I was taken aback at the the idea of them showing together! Since I love Stærk's aesthetic, I was happy to see she had influenced her best friend's fall collection, as both men and women looked a bit tough and edgy.
Stærk found inspiration in the couple Helmut and June Newton. "Helmut was stylised and his woman was powerful and strong. June had more of a free, natural spirit. The combination of both – and their balance as a couple - is reflected in the collection." The women were almost solely draped in black, particularly her trademark leather, with some sensual pops of red and a little tan scattered throughout.

Glemaud's collection was "your ski instructor before and after he works with you. It's very après-ski; he's had too much to drink, is a bit undone... getting ready to go to work and get a bit fucked up. That's the guy."

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kara Ross F/W '10

I was initially drawn to Kara Ross' designs because many of her designs incorporate exotic leathers. She has the amazing ability to design beautiful jewelry and handbags that mesh both gemstones with leathers. While it's typical that gemstones are for jewelry and leathers are handbags, with Kara Ross, you get the best of both worlds in each item, and that makes matching accessories really easy and fun. Some of the clutches and handbags have gemstones on the front. I personally love the lizard hexagon cluster earrings and the blue python and suede clutch. For city girls, the cityscape cuff is for you. And check out the trompe l'oeil long fur vest with giant clutch-looking pockets!

Billy Reid F/W '10

I randomly wandered into this menswear presentation, Billy Reid. Very American countryside prep, some of it was a bit too dandy-ish for my guy friends, but most of it I could definitely see them wearing. Think Abercrombie & Fitch all grown up. Classic and simple, if you like the look they also have a womens line to check out!

Erin Fetherston F/W '10

Before the Erin Fetherston show started, I heard the head PR girl telling everyone that is someone "looked like the belong, to let them in." Well, I wasn't on the list and definitely had issues getting in, I guess I don't look tall and fur swaddled enough, sniff!Managing to overcome my hurt feelings, I got some shots of Whitney Port, Tennessee Thomas of The Like, and Karen Elson before the show started.The collection kept true to its uber-feminine aesthetic, and was inspired by the NY Chelsea girl in the 70's. A couple of the pieces, ruffled and poet sleeved, felt a little too '70s boho to me, but I really enjoyed her chic orange chiffon frocks and songbird prints. I also found her black and lace stripes and metallic copper wool to be just the right touch of sass. My favorite was a strapless silk pink dress with dot devore fabric peeking out - just the right mix of sweet and spice! Will they let me in next season if I wear this??

Rachel Roy F/W '10

Rachel Roy was inspired this season by the opulent mystique of Egypt in the '20s.- very Cleopatra to me! "This fall, we unveil a desert-tomb palette infused with saturated blossoms, moody elixir, onyx and deep river hues. It is a season of strength, mystery and allure - an exploration in texture and luminosity."
Lots of gold accents, almost snake-like prints, sheer strips and interesting textures created a luxe collection with a slight downtown edge.Can I just say thank you to the super sweet PR girls, who couldn't find me on the list and let me in anyway?? Thank goodness I didn't miss out!

DKNY F/W '10

DKNY was all about tailored jackets, lean silhouettes, and high hemlines - very schoolgirl chic. Combined with equestrian details, such as riding caps and leather trims, the overall look of the collection felt American preppy, yet in a way that felt modern and tres sexy.
The minkskirts really caught my eye in this collection (IS THAT A LEATHER MINIKILT I MUST HAVE???), as did the unique take on geometric colorblocking, maybe it's making a comeback after taking a year off? I also loved the slouch accents: long knit scarves and cozy cardigans!
I was sitting right behind front row celebs Alison Brie of "Mad Men" and "Community," Poppy Delevigne - UK model and socialite, upcoming musician Little Boots and actress and singer Keke Palmer. I love Alison, who plays Annie on "Community," but totally did not recognize her without the hair baretted back!

Lorick F/W '10

Abigail Lorick's collection drew inspiration from angels in cocoons; "In theory, the cocoon symbolizes an escape from reality or shelter, and forthcoming of change. Embracing light and nature that inspires: we can see gold doupions that shimmer and beading that glistens, both pulled in with natural fabrics always bringing the Lady back to earth."
You can see the cocoons mostly in the protective knit cardigans and jackets. Combined with the earth tones mixed with gold accents, the collection was well put together and wholly enjoyable! I hope the line, which is the real brand behind Eleanor Waldorf's line on "Gossip Girl," starts getting more screen time again.

Photos by Vyque & Alyssa

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Risto F/W '10

If you are not yet aware of Macedonian designer Risto Bimbiloski, please, hurry up and hop on the bandwagon, because his line is just too freaking cool (Ahem, pardon my momentary lapse into middle-school age effusiveness).


The Risto line is distinguished by incredible fabric patterns and gorgeous knitwear. The Fall collection was inspired by the strangely captivating work of digital artist Nicola Sassoon, "imagined landscapes 'painted' in basic computer pixels, inspire a collection that mixes the natural with the synthetic." I love that he created such vibrant colorful pieces for fall. Looking at some of these vivid patterns, I can picture an otherworldly techno landscape where the colors flow like a slow moving rainbow river. Along with the techno-patterns were knit pieces bearing bold geometric designs, and ranging from cozy, soft winter wear to almost spidery-webby sheer.

All in all, a definite high point of my fashion week experience. Take a look at all the fall Risto looks below.

Magalis Garcia F/W '10

Being half Boricua myself, this season I was excited to attend a presentation by Margalis Garcia, an up and coming designer of Puerto Rican heritage. Magalis studied painting and sculpture before finding her calling in fashion design, and it shows in the sculptural folds and draping of her pieces. With her cocktail dresses in particular, she creates intriguing texture and dimension without adding unnecessary bulk. Amazingly, Magalis created the entire 22 piece fall collection herself, without the assistance of a single seamstress.

I like the almost watercolor feel of the fabric appliques on this dress

Unfortunately the presentation itself was a frustrating experience, mostly due to the odd behavior of many of the models. I kind of felt sorry for the designer. The models were lined up in two parallel lines. I kept waiting for them to rotate the lines, but it never happened, and thus it was difficult to get a good view of the pieces in the back. What made it even more difficult to really pay attention to the clothes was the fact that most of the models seemed bored or distracted, slouching, fidgeting, or chatting to their neighbor. Most confounding of all, the majority of the time when I attempted to photograph them, it seemed they would look over, see that I was not carrying a giant professional SLR, and look away in disinterest. This is readily apparent in my photographs. I had never had an experience like that at any presentation I've attended. It was so bizarre, I finally just gave up!

That said, I really enjoyed the artistic approach to the line and look forward to seeing what Magalis Garcia creates for future seasons (although hopefully with different model casting).

Watch the slideshow below:

Friday, February 19, 2010

VPL F/W '10

My first and only Carine Roitfeld sighting of NYFW was at VPL! The label, by Victoria Bartlett, began with the concept of having innerwear on the out, and you can see the underwear-inspired, utilitarian aesthetic in this collection quite clearly. She went a bit more deconstructed this season though, which I very much loved - I am obsessed with the slouchy knits and random cutouts! I really enjoyed the fresh take on color blocking, and the taken apart and put back together slightly differently look!

Rebecca Taylor F/W '10

Rebecca Taylor was very girly and easy as always! I really looove every variation of the ruffly, long, open cardigans - I must remember to buy one of each. And note the raised hemlines this season...always appreciated from someone who's petite.

Lela Rose F/W '10

I love that this Lela Rose collection is so sophisticated but still youthful, feminine, and wearable. The focus this time is clearly on cocktail dresses, which I would totally invest in anyway because I can throw a denim jacket on top to make it daytime appropriate. ;)

Leanne Marshall F/W '10

Leanne Marshall's show had a few of the current "Project Runway" people there, I saw of Maya and her fabu round bag - when I saw it in her portfolio before this season started I definitely went "Oooooo." Alyssa was tres excited to be seated right behind them!
Leanne Marshall has such an innate sense of intricate detailing! This season she had embellishments, I suppose a bit like cut outs. She's been my favorite winner so far, if only she made an ass out of herself all the time, she'd stay famous for having such a "big" personality. Alas, she is sweet and humble and therefore does not get the press she deserves! You can barely buy her stuff outside, Oregon, how unacceptable is that? Let's change that together, shall we - I demand someone order a custom gown for the Oscars!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jill Stuart F/W '10

Every season Jill Stuart holds her runway show at the New York Public library adjacent to the tents, and who can begrudge her location consistency when it is such an amazing venue for a runway show! It occurred to me though, that having never been inside the library for anything other her show, I have no idea where they actually keep the books!

Love the hat!

Anyway, on to truly important matters, the Fall collection itself. Jill Stuart continues her departure from über-girly looks that began with the Spring 2010 collection. This collection had a tougher, confident, more urban feel with some obvious military inspirations. A lot of black and olive, but some vivid purples and reds punched things up a bit. I loved the knit sweaters with heavily adorned shoulders, and giant knit scarves that looked like they would keep you warm in any kind of weather. The pretty party dresses were still there, only many of them were paired with smart, stylish jackets for those ladies that are all business about their pleasure.

Michelle Trachtenberg (who must love Jill Stuart, as she is in attendance every season), AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Szohr and Mena Suvari all sat in the front row. At one point the music cut out for about 15 or 20 seconds and, much to my amusement, the photographers in the media pit helpfully filled in with some discordant singing of their own. Speaking of music, I was excited to hear the song "Elephants" by Warpaint, which I had downloaded just a few days ago, played during the show. Very atmospheric, and a perfect accompaniment to the clothes!

Catch all the action below:

Elise Øverland F/W '10

At Elise Øverland I saw Heidi Klum!! Three times in one week, can I be that lucky? Apparently she was there filming Geremany's Next Top Model and one of the finalists walked in the show. Other celebrities there included Kelly Osbourne and Peaches Geldof.
This collection almost felt like an uptown version of her look, in a very good way! Slightly less grunge and a little more sophisticated and sleek - but still recognizable as her signature rocker-chic aesthetic! Beyond leather she even used more luxe fabrics such as silk, chiffon and lots of velvet. There was a rust-colored suede dress with a deep back that definitely caught my eye, hmm, is that a similar dress in red, paired wit a cropped red, leather jacket? I must have!

Haute Hippie F/W '10

Haute Hippie had a great presentation / cocktail party, which was so much fun! I loved being able to get some close up looks at the amazing pieces they always have. The collection felt very Western-inspired, mixing cowboy-esque looks and details, like leather and suede and studs, with more feminine styles like tiers of petticoats and lace. I spoke with co-creative director, Rachel Wilder Hill, and she described the collection as, "if Bianca Jagger, Stevie Nicks and Queen Victoria were having a dinner party in Laurel Canyon in 1978." Can I be invited to that??

Also, here is aslightly embarrassing video of me interviewing Rachel Wilder Hill. Gosh, my face sure is emotive, remind me to never play poker ;)