Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Andy & Debb F/W '10

Andy & Debb is always a good show and I'm totally addicted to the Amore Pacific swag in their gift bags each season!!! This collection was very wearable and chic, with lots of black and metallics. I dyed over a great ginko biloba leaf print, partciularly one look that looks like a coat but I believe is a shirt jacket and skirt. There was a mink cutout patched vest that was really quite unique-looking, if I bought fur I would totally covet! There was also a very pretty rose-colored dress, kinda wish that color was used more in the collection because I like it so much! Overall a solid collection, particularly the coats and party frocks! I really liked the heavy tread boots as well, I didn't think they did shoes but I don't see a credit so maybe they are Andy & Debb as well?