Thursday, February 04, 2010

G-Star Raw F/W 2010 Preview Sketches

Coming from a fine arts background, I really enjoy seeing preview sketches of upcoming runway looks like these from G-Star Raw's F/W 2010 collection. I'll keep an eye out and try to get photos of these two looks at G-Star's New York Fashion Week runway show. It would be great to see how the outfits are actualized on the runway!

G-Star had this to say about the collection:
"The G-Star Fall/Winter 2010 NY RAW Men’s and Women’s Collections demonstrates the fusion of denim craftsmanship, elegant tailoring and sophisticated silhouettes in vibrant colors. Eye-catching metallic washes and treatments further enhance the collections, highlighting the inventive and truly original aesthetic that is distinctively G-Star."

Vibrant color for Fall and metallics? Sounds right up my alley.


Vyque said...

are those skinny, drop crotch pants on the right??

Alyssa said...

Sure looks like it could be!