Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Glemaud & Stærk F/W '10

Camilla Stærk and Victor Glemaud are besties that I guess presented their collections together for fashion week. Stærk is Danish, and does a dark, futuristic goth styled womenswear line. Glemaud, who does menswear, tends to be a bit "tropical dandy" so I was taken aback at the the idea of them showing together! Since I love Stærk's aesthetic, I was happy to see she had influenced her best friend's fall collection, as both men and women looked a bit tough and edgy.
Stærk found inspiration in the couple Helmut and June Newton. "Helmut was stylised and his woman was powerful and strong. June had more of a free, natural spirit. The combination of both – and their balance as a couple - is reflected in the collection." The women were almost solely draped in black, particularly her trademark leather, with some sensual pops of red and a little tan scattered throughout.

Glemaud's collection was "your ski instructor before and after he works with you. It's very après-ski; he's had too much to drink, is a bit undone... getting ready to go to work and get a bit fucked up. That's the guy."