Monday, February 15, 2010

IFB: The Business of Blogging

Nana of Bluefly says they look out for metrics, page views, unique visitors and the like. But don't lie, they do check to see how big you are, using tools like Technorati, Quantcast, Hitwise, you know! They also look at the level of engagement, the more comments, the better. Leave me comments people, it makes me feel special! Dina says they prefer to look for more niche sites specific to their client's goals as opposed to something too broad.

Yuli is now asking about how you figure pricing your advertising. People ask me how much I charge, and I never know what to say. Dina says "if you have an advertising rate and companies are agreeing over and over again without negotiating, than you're not charging enough!"

Do research and try to find out what comperable people are charging. And when your traffic goes up, don't be afraid to bump up your rates!

Remember there is a difference between PR vs advertising. Your PR contacts aren't usually ad budget decision makers, but they can make intros to the right people if you want!

And remember to read the fine print for any advertising networks. Blog Ads is one, I use Glam Media. Gorilla Nation is another. Some require to be your exclusive network, remember that!

Good question: how do you balance a full time job and writing good quality content? Gala Darling says if you wouldn' write for fun in your spare time you will just burn out.

What are some of the success metrics brands look for? Traffic to their site and conversions from your site. If they made money off you, they will work with you again!

Last question: Do's and Don't of affiliate programing. Dina says "Don't let it shape your content." If you weren't going to write about something normally, don't write about it just to put up an affiliate link for fun. Oh and put up the FTC disclosure!

Awww, ended too soon, hope you enjoyed my live blogging, thanks to IFB and Windows 7!


MWYA said...

this was a great panel!

MWYA said...

this was a great panel!