Monday, February 15, 2010

IFB Conference: The Business of Blogging

Awww, Jennine, creator of IFB is too cute! I wuv her, check out her blog, The Coveted!

Ooo, this Windows 7 is rocking, I was so worried that I woud be too slow but it's so easy to get things up and switch around tabs and pages. I can move my task bar to the side instead of the bottom too, heart that soooo much. Did you know less than 3 percent of computer users put their task bar on the side?

Oh my, Yuli just said "it's going to be a very fun and juicy panel." She founded Style Coalition, check it out, I'm doing some video interviews for them this NY Fashion Week!

Introductions are happening. Gala Darling is a full time fashion blogger and free lance writer, wanna do! Nana does the social media and blog at Bluefly! Dina just rocks, she works with so many designers, I'm jealous! Lauren does Second City Style, originally from Chicago. Ooo, it's Aubree from Urban Signals, the Urban SIgnals van gave me a ride to a big party this week, love them!


k said...

What great speakers! Is there a video online anywhere?