Monday, February 15, 2010

IFB Conference: The Business of Blogging

Yuli is asking, so how do you actually make money from blogging.

Gala Darling and all of us are laughing at the idea of actually making money from Google Adsense. She works with Blog ADs, they're invite only - INVITE ME!!! She also recommends freelance work - she's selling her book, each chapter as a podcast - what a great idea! She says, "just find out what they want" when it's selling your content and the like. "Make sure you're saying somethin of value."

Oh my, my phone just froze, sad face!

Aubree says, what are you business objectives? What's your target market, what's your 100 plan, what are you benchmarks? If you want this to be a business, you do have to act like one.

Dina says focus on your site. If the "content isn't up to par or, frankly, it looks like crap" no one will want to work with you. And if you're snarky and bash companies, it's very risky and a lot of people won't work with you.

And have a media kit! Man, I totally need one... Put in your demographics - I measure via Google Analytics, but you can also send out surveys. Dina just said it's not really demographic, but psychographic... someone look that up for me?

An email newsletter also works well, Lauren says she builds their list via giveaways. That and sponsored posts (like this one by Windows 7) work well. Just make sure it's transparent!

Yuli says video is going to be an amazing channel. If you want to send me products to review on camera, feel free! Style Coalition worked with Century 21 to create a great video campaign, did you watch it? Windows 7 has some video editing software for free that looked really, really easy to use, I hope I can utilize it to create some segments of my own!