Monday, February 15, 2010

IFB Conference: The Business of Blogging

Dina says it's a symbiotic relationship between bloggers and PR people. SO true, they need us too!

Aubree says to be really professional, show up on time, be nice, etc, etc.

Nana from Bluefly says they do try offerin info on content the bloggers are already covering.

Yuli says it's ok to ask for exclusives, it doesn't have to be major, but a sneak peak or behind the scenes. Print tends to be pickier, so PR firms tend to forget that smaller tidbits work well for bloggers.

Yuli is now talking about how bloggers are afriad to say "No" and that they can get taken advantage of by brands. Dina agrees and says you should know what you're worth and ask for things in return. Gala Darling is like, we're not just free advertising. Now we're talking about all the awful PR pitch emails that are practically spam, OMG it's so true! "Dear Blogger..." NO THANKS.

And watch out for small companies looking for to use your content without getting anything back, Dina hates that and so do I! If I get more traffic than you, than you need to offer me something more, thanks.