Monday, February 15, 2010

IFB Conference: The Business of Blogging

Dina is talking about how she works with Rachel Roy and all the cool stuff they do with bloggers, like coming in to style looks. Hey Dina, invite me to do something!!!

Yuli is now asking about what good examples of partnerships are. Nana of Bluefly is talking about how they personalize their emails and content. Ooo, they invited bloggers to exclusively come in and meet Leanne Marshall, INVITE ME. I will come up from DC, I swear! SHe's also mentioning the America's Most Stylish Bloggers contest, that was relly cool, though Jordana from Clutch 22 should have won :P She's saying that they got new, fresh content, and the bloggers got great exposure, see how it's two way, yay!