Monday, February 15, 2010

IFB Conference: The Business of Blogging

So, did you start your blog for fun or always intended it to be a business?

Gala Darling: She went to Burning Man and got inspired to make a blog business, nice. She didn,t make any money for 6-9 months, but doing well now!

Laura from Second City Style started it as a business, then a hobby, then finally found out how to make it a business so went back to that!

Nana from Bluefly obvious was a store first, and then added in the blog and knew their customers were interested in more editorial stuf.

OMG, someone near me needs to take a shower or something, can't breath. I will persevere for all of you!

What will differentiate your blog from a hobby site to a site you can immediately see is a business?

Gala Darling says she won,t say negative things, if she doesnt like it she just won't review it. If she'd be willing to spend her own money on it, she'll review it. She's saying that it's important to keep the trust of the readers.

Larean says she reviews "like I'm talking to my girlfriend." She only recommends when she would do it anyway, good call. She and Gala Darling both agree that building a relationship with PR firms is important. She never requests free stuff to review, she waits to be offered.


Jamie said...

BAHAH, love the BO comment in the middle

Jamie said...

BAHAH, love the BO comment in the middle