Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Independant Fashion Blogger Conference

The Independent Fashion Blogger Conference: Evolving Influence during fashion week was such a highlight! Not only did I get to see some of my awesome friends, but I liveblogged the Fashion 2.0: The Business of Blogging panel AND watched The Future of Fashion Blogging with BryanBoy, Tavi, Susie Bubble, Phil from Street Peeper and Britt and Lauren of Fashionista!

To recap Fashion 2.0: The Business of Blogging, it was all about taking your blog from fun side hobby to full time job - definitely something I'm interested in! It focused on building good relationships with brands, ad networks and affiliate programing and creating good content so that people will actually come to your site!

The Future of Fashion Blogging definitely focused on how fashion blogs as a channel are developing, whether traditional media really do hate us, all the good juicy stuff you know you care about! I cannot possibly describe it in justice, so here is a video by Violetville - yes she uploaded the whole thing in parts!

I learned so much, so my brain needed some time off! Cue the Couturious Afterparty, where I mingled with my friends, met super awesome new people, took fun pictures and maybe made embarrassing promises :O

Wendy B, Tavi and our glorious leader, Jennine!
Flipinos unite! Me and BryanBoy
Alyssa is "smizing"I met Star von Bunny!!!! I can die happy now :)


WendyB said...

Star von Bunny is a superstar!

Vyque said...

She totally is! When her book first came out I thought maybe she would have mini plush versions of herself on sale too and desperately searched... alas no!