Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jill Stuart F/W '10

Every season Jill Stuart holds her runway show at the New York Public library adjacent to the tents, and who can begrudge her location consistency when it is such an amazing venue for a runway show! It occurred to me though, that having never been inside the library for anything other her show, I have no idea where they actually keep the books!

Love the hat!

Anyway, on to truly important matters, the Fall collection itself. Jill Stuart continues her departure from über-girly looks that began with the Spring 2010 collection. This collection had a tougher, confident, more urban feel with some obvious military inspirations. A lot of black and olive, but some vivid purples and reds punched things up a bit. I loved the knit sweaters with heavily adorned shoulders, and giant knit scarves that looked like they would keep you warm in any kind of weather. The pretty party dresses were still there, only many of them were paired with smart, stylish jackets for those ladies that are all business about their pleasure.

Michelle Trachtenberg (who must love Jill Stuart, as she is in attendance every season), AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Szohr and Mena Suvari all sat in the front row. At one point the music cut out for about 15 or 20 seconds and, much to my amusement, the photographers in the media pit helpfully filled in with some discordant singing of their own. Speaking of music, I was excited to hear the song "Elephants" by Warpaint, which I had downloaded just a few days ago, played during the show. Very atmospheric, and a perfect accompaniment to the clothes!

Catch all the action below:


Vyque said...

I like the green tartan dress with the ruching.